New Plan and Ziplining!

Hi All!

Sorry for the semi-down post last time and nothing to follow it up with in a hurry!

The decision to not train for a half-marathon in November is still in play. I switched my goal half marathon to a Saint Patty’s day run in March. That would put me at about 1 year postpartum.

I am feeling much better about this decision. For one, I’ll be able to really build my base back up. I was training for this half in November without working on my solid running base first. This can still work out OK, but in the spirit of enjoying myself and injury prevention – it was probably not the wisest plan.

The original idea for the November race was pretty aggressive on the training front. Probably too aggressive for a postpartum body with an infant at home. I am feeling really good about my decision to move it out a few months. Key being: NOT give-up, just postpone!

On another note, it was probably good because my baby carrying hip has been acting up a bit. I ended up taking this whole week off from running in general to get it back up to 100%. It has been bothering me a bit for a while, but I had kept re-tweaking it because of my training plan. Now I am letting it rest, so I can start fresh! I have been walking instead – I have also been focusing on my strength training. Trying to do work to bring my core and hips back into fighting condition.

I took some new photo timeline pics — I have not lost any weight really but I have been focusing on my strength training, trying to loose some inches. One of the hardest parts about my “new” after baby body – was not fitting into my clothes because I wasn’t as fit as I was before, aside from weight. I think my tummy may be looking smaller though — or it could be the outfit. (For a comparison, click over to photo timeline in my top menu) — Forgive the dirty mirrors, apparently I need to give them a quick scrubbing!

20141004_161434  20141004_161354

On the FUN in life front –

The hubby and I had the opportunity to go ziplining this week! It was a pretty relaxing trip and we enjoyed ourselves a lot!


I’ll tell you what – it was really nice to get to spend the day with my hubby without baby hulk. As new parents, sometimes the day to day operations of life can get a little overwhelming. You spend most of your time just trying to keep your head above water and the ship from sinking.

Taking the day to have fun and “check-in” with our relationship, was like a breath of fresh air. We both seem to be doing OK with the transition into parenthood and really do have an amazing baby – BUT it reminded me of the importance of staying involved in our relationship as a married couple too!

We spent the day doing our ziplining and exploring a bit of Camano Island – which I haven’t been to in a long while.


I think that is all the excitement for one week! We are planning on moving in about a month. I am SUPER excited for that to happen! Once it does, expect WAY more fun things on here. Currently, we don’t really have a kitchen, so my ability to cook actual real food is limited – once we move I am going to start exploring healthy recipes again! I have been saving up a bunch to try and am super excited to be able to eat home cooked meals again!

In the meantime – I’ll just be running! 5k race in the morning – But I’ll be taking it easy!

See you next time and KEEP WORKING AT IT! 🙂


Photo credit: Future Ironman

About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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1 Response to New Plan and Ziplining!

  1. Thank you for sharing Morgan. Must have been so hard to postpone the half marathon. It would have been something you would really have set your sights on.

    Great that you have a new goal, and am excited for you, and I know you can do it.

    ~Carl~ 🙂

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