The epic fail of a long run

So I decided a few months back that I wanted to train for the Seattle Half Marathon in November. When you have been pregnant for 9 months, birth a child, have a newborn, go back to work right away… etc.. you start thinking you can do anything!!

So this started out as a great idea! Triathlon and half marathon all before 9 months postpartum! 

But I think I am starting to rethink that decision.

There are a couple factors at play… I think I underestimated the challenges of training and having a baby. I am a firm believer in keeping your hobbies when you have a kid, if you can. My husband supports me and in turn I support him. The logistics of sticking to a training plan, having a baby that needs watching, and accommodating my husband have proved to be quite complex.

Take this weekend’s long run…

I had a 5 mile run to do this weekend. It was about 90 degrees out on Sunday. I had a couple decisions to make… my hubby stays out late on Saturdays so waking up to run a quick 5 mile before it gets hot would include running it with the baby OR I could go in the afternoon sun OR my flat 5 mile could be hilly and I could have done it after dark.

So a simple flat 5 mile run now includes at least one component of “harder” – I chose the heat of the afternoon (which is probably where it went wrong. I need to remember to never underestimate the power of heat while running!)

It wasn’t too bad, I was on a shaded trail and there was a slight breeze. I wasn’t miserable.

Until I gave myself permission to walk. Do you ever have those runs where you are doing ok but you feel that overpowering urge to just walk a little? Seems like a good idea? Until you can’t get started again.

That was this run!  I walked at the halfway point of 2.5 miles and then it all fell apart… I was too hot, my legs were tight, my stomach hurt… I basically lost it mentially.

Now I did finish 5 miles even though it was a walk, jog, limp, run, repeat.. but it wasn’t fun.

I am kind of thinking if I struggled this much with a 5 mile run… uh.. how much am I going to struggle with a 10 mile run 5 weeks from now?

I’m think I am going to put off the half marathon until January. That would give me a couple months to work on getting a better base built. We will be solidly into fall and winter (my favorite running seasons). We will get our move out of the way and hopefully I can work on nutrition a bit more.

The other portion I struggle with is the difference between what I COULD do and what I CAN do. Just because I could run 1:50 second laps at the track or under 10 minute mile pace pre pregnancy doesn’t mean I can do it now.

This thinking leaves me a little disoriented and discouraged. I think working to build my solid fitness base will improve my overall perception of performance.

Sorry all, not one of my more positive posts, but sometimes you need to see it written out. If your current plan is looking like it might not work out… regroup and come up with a different one!

Endurance sports are fun and let’s face it, there is a little bit of pain in that pleasure… I try to work by the 80/20 rule. 80% of my workouts need to be acceptable or enjoyble. If I am struggling more than 20% of the time, the bite I’m chewing may be tooo big!


About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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6 Responses to The epic fail of a long run

  1. markthemoper says:

    Sounds like heat more than anything

  2. Don’t let one bad run ruin you. And cause you to doubt yourself. Christ. If I threw in the towel every bad run, I’d be permanently glued to the couch in a Real Housewives Haze. Without the bad, the good isn’t as sweet. Besides, never make a decision on a 90 degree day. Heat kills dreams.

    • Morgan says:

      Yeah, if it was just this one run, I’d keep going. But I’ve been struggling with them all. It is slightly my body, but mostly my mind. I think working on my running base (which wasn’t solid before I decided to build) would be good for me! 🙂 and besides that will give it time to cool down before things get real tough! Heat stinks! … and for me, being a heat wimp, this summer has been bad! Lol

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