First 5k Back!

Hello Friends!

It has been a busy week but overall pretty exciting for me and my training.

Weigh-in: I gained a bit back coming in at 229 last Monday. Oh well, we are still under 230 – so I feel like I am making progress!

The week before I was kind of slacking all around. Even though I didn’t see improvement in this area, I felt like a winner in other areas.

Coaching: I decided to bring my coach back on in September! She is going to help me train for hopefully the Seattle Half Marathon at the end of November. I am scared and excited to be working with her again. On the one side, I am glad to have someone to help hold me accountable so I stay on track and hopefully see some results this year. BUT at the same time… no more slacking, “because I was feeling lazy and wanted a nap” is not a good excuse for her. Lol – Overall, I am excited!

First 5k back: I finished my first 5k back last weekend. I finished in 37:02 – this is officially my slowest 5k run. But there are some pros that offset the negativity in my mind over my time.

  • I did not walk a single step!
  • I thought I would finish closer to 40 minutes
  • This is a solid, consistent 12 minute mile pace – which considering 3 miles is a “long run” for me right now, this is good!
  • The course had some hills
  • I had a baby 5 months ago 😉

20140816_093719(I may look a little pained! Lol)

Overall, not too shabby! Not sure when my next 5k will be. I have some races on the schedule and in my mind, but all are longer distances. Maybe I’ll wait another 6 months for a 5k so I can feel good about blowing this time completely out of the water!!

Garmin Forerunner 910: SO I sold my Forerunner 210 last weekend and picked up a new baby, the Forerunner 910! If you are unfamiliar with this watch, it is the multisport one. So far, super impressed! I have only used it running so far, but I am going to get it out for a swim this weekend. Preferably open water, then I can see how far I have actually been swimming out at the lake.

10514524_10204547189187965_5417491768248697685_n(The new fitness toy! :))

BABY: My baby hit the 5 months mark this week. It is so crazy how quickly your life can change. 5 months ago, he was in my tummy, then he was just a blob and 5 short months later he is on the verge of crawling. He can scoot backwards pretty good now, I think by 6 months he’ll at least be army crawling around. Time flies so fast!!

10579996_10204532243494332_8539813719081333984_n(First time playing at the lake)

Well I think that is it for me today! Hope everyone is having a blast this week! 🙂

10603415_321412078034911_3634849308440593749_nPhoto Credit: Future Ironman

About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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6 Responses to First 5k Back!

  1. 03alwi says:

    I love your determination and that is a great pic during the marathon!

  2. ashley says:

    You have a great attitude, always looking for the positive! And of my goodness what an adorable baby! Congrats on completing the 5K and best of luck training for the half!

  3. briapittman says:

    So glad to see you back, and your sweet baby boy is soooo precious!!

  4. BakeNBurn says:

    Great race! Congrats on completing and getting back out there! I can’t wait to hear how your half training goes!

  5. Ashleigh says:

    Great job! It’s so awesome that you got back out there so quickly! You’ll do great in your half, I’m sure! If you’re interested in some cross training, I would highly recommend Beach Body T25 or PiYo. Both are high-intensity but in different ways. One you’re doing jumps and squats and working muscles that may not be used when running, with PiYo, you’re toning and strengthening. I’ve found it to be a great complement with running. Additionally, the shakes are AMAZING and give me so much energy. I particularly love the Chocolate Vegan which tastes like brownie batter. If you’re interested in trying, I’d love to help you out. I’m a coach with Beach Body and we do challenge groups where you’ll meet other folks who are working hard on staying fit and healthy and keep you motivated!

  6. Congratulations on your 5K! And good luck on your half marathon training.

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