Tri training, staying on track, and a weight loss!

I have been so good getting exercise in every day for the last week – but I think it is finally time for a rest day. My body is still pretty out of shape and I have been relentlessly on track over the last 7 days.

Last week:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Track / Bosu ball strength
Wednesday: Open Water Swim
Thursday: Medicine Ball Bootcamp
Friday: 4 mile run (WOOHOO! Felt AWESOME!)
Saturday: 2 mile walk / Bosu ball strength
Sunday: 12.5 mile bike

Seriously, not too crazy by a lot of people standards.. or even by my standards for that matter – but considering this is still a building up phase, I need to scale it back and give my muscles a chance to recover today.

This week, I am going to continue to step it up, considering my Super Sprint Tri is 4 weeks away. I only have 3 weekends left to train. I think this tri, although short, is going to be a bit of a challenge for me. But a challenge will be good for me! Plus it is a pretty newbie friendly tri so there will be quite a few slow people with a whole bunch of race support. As long as I am not last, I don’t care about time for this event.

More in depth:

4 mile run

My original thought was to go out for a 5k distance. I have my first 5k coming up this Saturday, so I wanted to make sure I was capable.

BUT – I forgot how lovely it is when you feel good and when the temperature outside isn’t 1 million. So I kept going. My legs were a little angry by the end but all in all, they felt pretty dang good! I have been working pretty hard on bringing my leg strength back, they seemed up for the challenge, and they held up well!

I am officially signing up for the Seattle Half Marathon in November. One good run was all it took! I love running and it had been so long since I felt that good, I think my body (and mind) are really calling for the challenge.

2 mile walk

For this walk I took baby out with me. He really loves the jogging stroller and I am working to build up his tolerance for it. We just walked two miles… I was originally going to run, but on the heels of a 4 mile run the night before, I decided to take it easy while still loosening up my sore muscles.

We got out there with his grandparents. His Grandma walked with Baby and me, while his Grandpa got in a 4 mile run. Towards the end, his Grandpa decided to run him a short distance… he swears he heard a “WEEEEEEE” coming from the stroller. My baby may have a need for speed!!

20140809_125248Grandpa pushing Baby (“Weeeeee”)

12.5 mile bike

This was my first ride of the season – on the trail, completely flat – held about a 13mph-15mph pace. Positive splits. Not the best ride out there and my quads were BURNING. This portion of my training, I need to kick up a notch. New plan will have 3 days a week biking for at least 30 minutes.

In truth, I think I’ll have no problem doing the 9 mile bike with 2 small hills – BUT there is a difference between being able to do it and being able to enjoy it. I’m going for the second option! Lol

20140810_143618Post bike, I was pretty tired for 12 miles.

BOSU ball strength

My legs have spent most of the week sore, but I did do some work here. Here is the 10 minute workout I did with that. Just a little bit to get the blood pumping, but not too time consuming. PLUS I LOVE my BOSU ball! I did about a 10-15 second rest between each exercise.

50sec – squat on BOSU
50sec – Side lunge, one leg, and land extended foot on the BOSU (May need to put the BOSU against the wall)
50sec – Side lunge, switch sides, and land extended foot on BOSU (May need to put the BOSU against the wall)
50sec – bridge – you lay on your back and put your feet on the BOSU for this bridge
50sec – BOSU Burpee – Now I cannot jump back into push up position, so I step back one leg at a time – I also don’t jump at the top. (YET!)
50sec – BOSU crunch – put your back on the BOSU and just do little crunches
50sec – plank – I did this not with the BOSU
50sec – side plank – again I did this not with BOSU and I actually have to have a knee down for modification
50sec – side plank – switch sides –not with BOSU and I actually have to have a knee down for modification
50sec – V holds on BOSU – This one is HARD! I DO have to hold the back of my legs a little bit for stability.

Collapse onto floor in exhaust… then nap! 🙂


My weigh in page will be updated shortly but I finally broke the cycle weighing in at 227.8 this morning. That is a 2.2lb loss over last week (and the 4 weeks previously!)

I was sooo happy to see some progress this week, although – I need to take some measurement and see if any of this work I’m doing is paying off in toning.

That is it for today, Folks! Have a great day and keep working at your goals! 🙂


About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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6 Responses to Tri training, staying on track, and a weight loss!

  1. ashley says:

    I love the Bosu too! I don’t have one so I have to fight for one at the gym. LOL! Congrats on the great week and weight loss!

  2. mahoganyfit says:

    Wow you’re doing great! Keep it up, but be sure to get that rest in.

  3. leannenalani says:

    Yay for those 2.2 pounds! That’s gotta be motivating. Of all the days this week, today’s a good day for a rest. It’s unreasonably hot this summer! Can’t we just have a couple 103 degree days and just go back to the 70’s the rest of the time?

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