Slow progress.. but it is STILL progress!


Well last week I was certainly in a Miss Sour Pants mood, this week is MUCH better! Probably because of exercise!! The cure all for a plain bad mood.

August HIIT Challenge

Soooo… I am failing here! – I did it for two days and then stopped, BUT I am getting back on the wagon today. I think instead of following the daily HIIT routines posted online I am just going to do a couple BOSU workouts that I put together.

Tonight I have my normal bootcamp at the gym, but I’ll be doing my own BOSU stuff starting tomorrow and I’ll post my routines up here, with possibly some variations for people who don’t have a BOSU ball and want to try it.

Seriously though – after BOSU bootcamp last week, I am super excited to do exercises with mine!

I’ll probably pick up some resistance bands too to incorporate.

TRI Training

Triathlon training is going good this week actually!

SWIM – I went for a glorious open water swim last night. It was fun going while the sun was going down. I’ll admit, my drive to stay active was super low during the last several months… so although I trained up to a .25 mile open water swim event for July 4th this year.. I had not been in the water since! *facepalm*

In any case, I was still able to swim about .35 miles last night in about 18 minutes. I’m certainly not going to set any records… but I did it! (and it was relatively painless) 🙂

I am going to start incorporating a pool swim on Thursdays after bootcamp – tonight will be my first night trying to do that. We’ll see how exhausted this makes me!

BIKE – Ok you caught me… I have yet to hop on my bike this year. Tri training and no bike riding? Yeah I know! I’m bad. But let me fill you in on the triathlon I’m doing this year. It is a super sprint. So the bike is short at just 9 miles.

I’m hopping on my bike for the first time this weekend and I am going to attempt to bike this triathlon course. It is a two loop course, mostly flat, with one small hill. I figure at the very least I should be able to one 4.5 mile loop, if I can’t do that… I’m in trouble!! (In more ways than one!) – but hopefully starting in two days I’ll get the bike portion going… the tri is still about 6 weeks away… working up to 9 miles in 6 weeks should be pretty doable!

10385279_318726334970152_2840497133596077958_nPhoto Credit: Future Ironman

RUN – Running is actually going the best. No surprise there, running was my first and true love. On Sunday, I was able to run 2 miles straight without stopping. Mile 1 – 13:10, Mile 2 – 13:30, so we are still on the slow side but who cares? I have a 5k in a little over a week and my goal is just to run the whole thing. I could do it as slow as a sloth and as long as I don’t walk, I’ll be happy with the effort!

I did track on Tuesday and was able to complete most of the workout. –

Repeat 4 times:
3 minute 5k pace
30 second walk
1 minute sprint
2 minute walk

It was pretty doable and I did the whole thing.. minus the half mile warm up and cool down jog. I walked .25 miles each instead for that. It was blazing hot!! I keep thinking getting my groove back would be so much easier if it was December! 🙂 But alas, it isn’t, and there are races to run!


Your don’t want to know. 🙂 I AM try to be better about food. Technically not trying that hard, but this has got to change.

My current kitchen situation: Well I live in a basement with a makeshift kitchen. I have a microwave, toaster over, and an electric skillet – none of which can be used at the same time or it overloads the breaker… so it makes cooking challenging. BUT I was doing OK managing the situation, until my cute baby boy came along. The basement we live in is basically like a studio apartment. So his crib is in the room with the kitchen, with our tv, with our bed, etc. This isn’t really a problem, except baby goes to bed at 6pm. SO I get home from work at 5:15, play with baby until 6, put him to sleep, exercise, and then attempt to make dinner… in the dark! Because baby is sleeping…

It just makes it hard! For breakfast and lunch I am working to get better. But I really do miss some good healthy dinners!

As of now, I just got to try to make the best out of this situation. We are moving in about 2 months, so once I actually have a kitchen again, this blog will include more food oriented things.


Baby is cute and I seriously love being a mom! He is already almost 5 months now, I can’t believe it!!


Well hope everyone is having a good week! Remember to keep working towards your goals! Some days will be a struggle, but just keep moving forward!

10348606_144089779094977_1368599345628258882_nPhoto credit: I Love Running

About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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  1. refresh300 says:

    Your baby is adorable!

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