Judgey Much? Woman Who Posted “Fat-Shaming” Facebook Pic

Judgey Much? Woman Who Posted Fat-Shaming Facebook Pic Offers Apology.

I was reading the article above and just had to talk about it! What do we think about this photo?  I am pretty sure the original intent wasn’t to fat shame but rather to try to inspire. Can I see how it could annoy people? Sure! But really what the message here should be is to continue to focus on healthy living and being a Mom is not an excuse for not taking care of yourself!

Should everyone work towards the end goal of having a rock hard body or six pack abs? Uh, no! That isn’t on my priority list, but working out and eating healthy IS. I know I am only growing my baby and don’t have my baby here with me yet, but as I get closer, I become more and more concerned with exercise and healthy eating. After all your health is not only of your concern now, it is now the concern of your child. I want to be healthy FOR him. I want to be able to have him grow up having me physically able to do fun things with him — like biking, running, hiking, skiing, raft, etc!

I may not be able to be as active as I was before having a child but getting in a half an hour a few times a week should be totally doable. And I am hoping to have continued focus on healthy eating.

What are you opinions about fitness and overall health while being a mom?

About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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3 Responses to Judgey Much? Woman Who Posted “Fat-Shaming” Facebook Pic

  1. MikeW says:

    Right on Morgan!

  2. mymotherlied2me says:

    First off, I don’t find this image or the ‘message’ offensive. I do not know what the original message was, but I like to think she was hoping woman would look at it and have their ‘aha’ moment. Unfortunately, her message got lost, and now she is public enemy #1 (not really, but you get what I am saying).

    To answer your question, I think personal health is the most important gift you can give to your child. Obviously, I know there are illnesses that are out of our control, but being overweight or even obese in most cases in NOT one of those. I know what it is like to be an overweight mom, and it is no fun. I couldn’t play with my son the way I wanted too, because I lacked energy AND enthusiasm. Losing weight has been the best thing for my child, not only because I will be around longer (ideally), but because I can be an active participate in his life. I see life so much differently after losing the weight, I am happier, I am healthier, and I want to try new things because I am no longer embarrassed of who I am. I am setting a good example for my son, I am showing him no other way but a healthy way to live.

    — Great post, love this!

  3. Cindy says:

    You’ve got it right Morgan. Take care of yourself, eat healthy, exercise to be the best you that you can be…for yourself and for those you love.

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