One week out from my first outdoor triathlon!

A lot has happened since the last time I updated everyone.

This week I have…

Strength trained for 2 hours
Swam for 2 hours
Ran for 1.5 hours (about 8 miles)
Biked for 2 hours
Foam Rolled and stretched for 2 hours (I know, seriously this is a lot! But my muscles needed it!!)

and most importantly….
Weeded the yard for 3 hours (Ouch! Hardest workout of the week! Lol)

Needless to say I am pretty tired today. BUT some exciting things have happened with these workouts…

First let me say, my first outdoor triathlon is in 1 week. It is a “super sprint” meaning it is a shorty! The distances are .25 mile swim, 8 mile bike, 1.5 mile run. It is a “newbie” tri.

Now I am pretty confident that I could complete a regular old sprint, but I decided to get my feet wet with this baby one. Mostly so I can get a handle on things like transitions. There is also a huge amount of race support throughout the course and pretty much everyone out there is new, so I will blend in with the masses pretty well.

After this weeks’ worth of workouts here is how I am feeling per leg.

For swimming – one of the two hours was spent in open water. I actually was able to successfully put in 2 workouts this week swimming across the lake and back. The lake I have been training at is the lake my triathlon will be located next Saturday. Each swim I was able to do about .35 miles and my tri will only be .25 miles.

Talk about major confidence booster! I am able to swim MORE then I need to! This has really set my nerves at ease for the upcoming triathlon. Also – today on the swim, I took my time – meaning I was working on pacing. I didn’t feel winded and my heart race felt pretty low, probably in the 150 rang based on feeling. So cardiovascularly I could have gone for a while longer. BUT my shoulders and abs were sore from TRX strength on Thursday (dreaded 2nd day soreness) so my muscles were not giving me the kind of power that they should have. NEXT WEEK I am NOT doing TRX 2 days before my Tri! Lol so I should be doing pretty dang good.

I have now been in the lake 4 times and I perform better each time. MOST IMPORTANTLY, the water is getting warmer!! This is huge!! It is really hard to swim in the conditions I was seeing during my first two swims of the season, but these last two were pretty dang enjoyable.

I hope to put in at least 1 more “crossing of the lake” this week before the triathlon hits next Saturday!

For biking – This has been going pretty well. As you may know, biking has been there but I have not been as determined and focused on it as the swim portion. Mostly because… I have been riding bikes since I came out of the womb… and I spent the first 26 years of my life barely swimming! Lol – Riding a bike is like eating breakfast! BUT as I graduate from the sprint triathlon to say the olympic distance and half iron… I will really need to start revving up the bike portion.

Today, after my lake crossing, I practiced transition to the bike and did the bike course for my super sprint next weekend. The course is mostly flat and there is one hill which is maybe 50 feet long. Not too shabby and pretty much easy compared to the training Coach has me doing.

It is 2 four mile loops. The first loop I did with the whole gang and took is pretty fast, but nowhere near full speed. For the second loop, the Coach and the “hard core group” (AKA my Ironman peeps) broke off to do their 50 something mile bike and I hung back with the couple who are doing the same tri as me next weekend. The lady I was with was on some kind of hybrid and wasn’t able to go superfast and she is relatively new to this, so I hung back with her on the second loop, probably going at about 1/3 the speed I normally would. BUT we got her through the whole second loop and making sure she finished and had support if she needed it was more important to me then testing my speed.

I’ll probably drag my bike out there later this week to take another crack at it and really put in an effort to see where I might fall at the race next week. But then again… it was pretty simple.. I know the route now so I won’t get lost.. and Coach will probably have me do a harder workout anyway… so I  may just let that go! Lol – But it was nice to get the confidence boost there.

For running – Running and I have been having a hard time lately. I have been really not feeling the love.. Although for the past two weeks we appear to be back on good terms! 🙂

I have got use to my new running shoes and now I am basically in love with them (Like the “I wish I could cuddle with you at night” kind of love ;)). I got that PR on the 5k last weekend which helped me get a bit excited again… and ultimately for next weekend… the run is a flat 1.5 miles… I should be 100% OK there!

For my Coach’s indoor tri’s we had the swim and bike inside and the run outside. The run was also 1.5 miles but the whole first half was up a giant hill of doom. If I could do that after swimming and biking… I should be golden with this flat course.

Overall – I am excited for this Tri, I am not scared, and I think I may just rock it! I doubt I will get any sort of top placing in my age group, but – it all depends on who shows up. If it is pretty much exclusively new people, then I think the training Coach has been having me do will put me in a good position to perform pretty well.

SO there you have it! I am feeling strong and hopeful one week out! And I am confident that I will finish well. This is really not my “A” race of the summer, but I hope it gives me the confidence boost I need for my later triathlons. I am planning on doing a full sprint in July and MAYBE an Olympic in August if I keep improving at the rate I’m going. (But then I would have to focus more on the bike… so not sure there! Lol)

Tomorrow I go white water rafting for the first time!

We just had to run out and buy the hubby some clothes… I was thinking about what I was going to wear and realized… he pretty much exclusively owns cotton clothes. Cotton + Wet = Boo!! – He tried to convince me that he would be fine but I honestly would prefer to buy him some clothes that won’t weigh 100 pounds when wet and don’t chafe rather than listening to him whine about it all week. Lol Chafing is not your friend!!! So I got him into some athletic gear *gasp* — Even though I’ll probably steal it all since he will probably only use it as sleepwear lol.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! AND I hope it is sunny where you are because it has been beautiful here and I would feel bad if the sun wasn’t sharing.


About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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3 Responses to One week out from my first outdoor triathlon!

  1. That sounds like such a fun thing to participate in! We have one like that in the area, but sadly it is the same week I will be at the lake with my parents. Or else I would totally do it!
    You will love white water rafting. I haven’t done it in YEARS but it was so much fun when I did it!
    You are such an inspiration 🙂 Keep it up!!

  2. You can do this! Way to go on all of your hard work!!!!

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