YAY for new 5K PR!

SO this has been a crazy weekend!

Yesterday I went out on my second open water swim. I was actually able to swim this time though. I maybe did 500 yards or so. But that was GOOD for me!

Problem noticed with this swim – Putting your face in the cold water may cause you to hyperventilate.

I was seemingly over being far away from shore, not being able to touch the bottom, and the fear of fishing lines – but this time – when I went to swim, if I put my head under the water I would start hyperventilating. NOW I would just roll onto my back and get my bearings back – but the goal for this week is to work on overcoming this problem – because my Tri is in two weeks and I can’t stop suddenly or I’ll get run over – so I NEED to be able to swim the whole distance and I CAN I just need to get over these certain uncontrollable responses. Once I can pin point them though, I can mentally prepare myself and work through them.

For this particular problem – I am just going to get out there more. I will be back at the lake next Saturday but during the week, I am going to drag the hubby out with me so I can practice on my own. I may also fill my sink with cold water and practice putting my head in and breathing out! I just need to condition myself to tolerate it!

Once my body was warmer, I was having less trouble with the hyperventilating. This tells me for my Tri in a couple weeks I hope to have time to get out into the water before the start to warm up –If I am allowed, I don’t know much about these things. IF I can’t then I will at least run an easy couple miles to get my body warmed up properly.

NOW onto the MORE interesting thing!

I ran a 5K this morning!!! WOOT!! And I did GREAT! I got a new personal best of 31:16! I was aiming for under 31 minutes but that is close enough to make me happy. I will get there on the next one!

For one, I started to far back. Old habits die hard and I was a little too far into the slow joggers group. Typically for this race that would be OK because it is small but this year it was HUGE and the path felt tighter, it was a little tricky getting around all the joggers. BUT that is OK it wasn’t as bad as I have had in the past but I probably lost a few seconds because of all the maneuvering. Next year I will get up a little closer to the front.

Also – This race is on the beautiful Snoqualmie valley trail, which is AWESOME – one of my favorite places to run! Although, when it starts to get warm out, the shade of the trees is nice, but it also creates a humid tunnel where the air just feels stagnant.

The shade outweighs this problem if you are running a long slow run, but in a 5K where you are hovering around your maximum heart rate for 30 minutes… the lack of air flow is horrible… Feels like you’re being strangled! Lol – well maybe not that extreme… but it was MUGGGGGY! This probably accounts for a little bit of sluggishness in the second mile.

ALTHOUGH I did follow my coach’s directions and ran a solid negative split 5k, haven’t looked up the actual splits on my Garmin yet – but I ran each mile a few seconds faster. My overall pace was 10:05 minute miles.

I placed 5th out of 15th in my age group which means my name will appear on the times list in our Northwest Runner magazine next month. I will, of course, post a picture once I get my hands on a copy! Lol – The last time I appeared was at the same race last year. I placed a little better last year with a slower time… That just goes to show you, who shows up matters! 🙂 The 4th place in my age group was in the 27 minute range, 5th was about as good as I could do. BUT next year – they better watch out!! I am fully planning on running under 30 minutes sometime in the next year!


I am going to work on my overall eating plan this next week to try to get in shape faster. I have been a little lenient on it. I have made good food choices, BUT I am going to get a lot stricter in that regard – Including what I eat and what time I eat. Since I have so much free time now (Lol – it is amazing how not having 20 hours of school work clears up your week!) I am devoting time to this. I will keep you posted on what I decide to do here.

HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYONE! 🙂 Live fit and healthy!


About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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9 Responses to YAY for new 5K PR!

  1. Great post, good luck with filling the sink – I might try that

  2. jamhunt says:

    31mins is a good achievement and im sure you will smash that again! Oh and the last pic you posted…check out the calves on that guy!! I want to be him… well the girl version! haha

  3. Tubontherun says:

    Yay go you on your new PR! That’s really great!

  4. fittofrolick says:

    Congrats on your new PR!! That’s awesome! 🙂

  5. Gametiime says:

    Great job, Morgan!

  6. mymotherlied2me says:

    Great work!

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