First Outdoor Swim

Today is Memorial Day… everyone is still in bed around here and I am at work, the joys of retail! Not to bad though, I get off at 4:30 and am going to do a run before I head to a bbq with some friends.

Over the weekend, I did my first open water swim. I was expecting it to be FREEZING and it was cold, but honestly, not as bad as I thought it would be. Also the DARKNESS of looking down was there, but also not too bad. But the whole experience was still a little scary.

Why? Because although my swimming is getting better everyday, I still wouldn’t say I am anywhere near a strong swimmer and it is pretty unsettling looking back at the shore and realize you are far away from it.

Now I didn’t go to far out – maybe 150 yards or so. Then I just kind of floated. Because I seriously was super terrified and not being able to put my feet on ground was unsettling… so I floated and tried to become use to just existing in the water and not panicking. Bringing my heart rate down and just being.

The others in my crew swam about 1 mile and for most of that I was just floating.. Lol.. 🙂 Then when they were ready, we swam into shore. So that makes it probably only around 300 yards for me in 30 minutes. Lol. BUT it was good for me to just deal with it for a day and let myself get acclimated. Next weekend I am going to try again…

Most of my peeps will be out of town at the Whistler Half Marathon in Canada – but the hubby said he is willing to come out and sit on short to make sure I don’t die – to get use to it a little more. Only 2 weekends left until my triathlon.


We didn’t take any pics out at the lake, but my co-worker and I were goofing around while I was trying on my wetsuit… SO… although it embarrasses me to show you this… I won’t hold back Lol


yep… that is me in a wetsuit.. pretending to swim on a chair… lol


Have fun today!


About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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7 Responses to First Outdoor Swim

  1. leannenalani says:

    You live in the northwest, right? Yikes, I can’t imagine swimming in those waters – Props to you, that’s some impressive stuff! Have a fun Memorial Day at the BBQ!

    • Morgan says:

      Lol — yep in the Northwest. I think the water temp was around 55 degrees. But when you live here… you get use to being cold and wet 🙂 And it wasn’t too bad with the wetsuit on.

  2. willbfit says:

    I’m impressed! I don’t swim. I can float on my back, and do the deadman’s float. I can do the back stroke, but that’s really just a step up from floating on my back. Treading water…forget about it. I can stay up for maybe 10 seconds. Giving you lots of props, Sister!!

  3. Good luck with the triathlon, having just started outdoor swimming myself I can see much of myself in your posting. I’m up to 1000metres outdoor and have my first outdoor 1mile race in about three weeks. I have to say though I don’t enjoy the pool as much having now been outdoors

    • Morgan says:

      Good luck on your 1 mile! 🙂 I’m only up to about 400meters continuous… Or that is what I am working to get good at right now. I can see how I will grow to love the outdoor swims eventually, it is very quiet and peaceful.

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