5 Quick Friday Updates!

I have been so busy and I am sorry I have been neglecting wordpress :(. BUT here are 5 quick updates!

1 – I had my second indoor triathlon last weekend. I was having some serious trouble on the swimming….. but on the run I was a whole minute faster. Bike always feels good – But I hope that the swimming and the running feel good most of the time too… They seem to keep rotating between themselves on which one is going to feel terrible.

2 – Had a mile test on Tuesday. Finished the mile in 9:05 which is pretty comparable to where I was at 8 weeks ago. Another one will be in 8 weeks; I hope to be solidly in the high 8:50 range. I plan on giving my speed work some extra love and care this month.

3 – First open water training swim on the schedule for tomorrow morning. I have a wetsuit on order that should arrive today. (hope it fits!! Otherwise I’ll be scrambling to get one rented!) – I’ll post photos of that tomorrow, because you know… wetsuits are super flattering! (not!)

4 – I have new shoes that are not barefoot or minimalist shoes. (GASP!) They are full on cushioned and supported. Now that I am past the discomfort of muscle soreness, I may LOVE them. I have only run no more then 4.5 miles at a time with them but I have a 6 mile run this weekend.. so I am excited to see how they feel.

5 – I decided to bail on my half marathon in June. I subbed in a super sprint tri instead. The training runs were getting up into the 10 mile range on the weekends and it was time to make the decision to stick with it or not. My heart really hasn’t been into running as of late and the thought of doing it for over an hour and a half just fills me with dread. SO since I am NOT a professional and I DO train for fun… I decided it made no sense to push myself to a half-marathon if the whole time I am miserable. I will look into doing a half again in the fall… once I get this triathlon crazy a little bit more out of my system. 🙂 This also mean for me 2013 is not the year of the marathon – But I have time to cross that off my bucket list.. I’ll reevaluate in 2014!


There you have it!! All I am doing is training, with a side of training! I have been squishing in some much needed reading time in.

This weekend I am going to work on a menu for next week and actually grocery shop (GASP!) So I will be in control of the food. Lol, my hubby has been making sure we have food in the fridge for the last 2 months or so. Now that school is out for the summer, I am going to take over. Try to get us a little healthier! So I plan on posting much more exciting food and diet related things in the coming months.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT week and working hard to meet your goals!


About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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