Summer Goals!



I have been thinking a bunch about this summer! I am a week and a half away from 3 months of freedom from school and I plan on making good use of the extra free time!

Here are my goals for the summer:
– Get my eating fine-tuned
– Work on my arm strength and core strength
– Do many, many new things


As an athlete that trains more than a lot of people, one of the biggest things I struggle with is hunger! I have taken some good steps to keep my food intake mostly healthy – For example, I stopped eating red meat 3ish months ago, eliminated all dairy but cheese, no fast food and fried food is to a minimum (sweet potato fries get me every time!), and I have been trying to do a post workout/bedtime smoothie.

BUT hunger still gets the best of me — I need to figure out how to fuel my body properly without over eating and eating foods that combat the hunger.

SO I am doing my research, I am planning out my meals, and I am going to take these 3 months to figure out what my body NEEDS – WHY? Losing weight is part of it… but ultimately EVERYTHING I do is to get better performance out of my body. I want to figure out HOW to eat to maximize every workout and race. I am doing the work anyway physically and SO MUCH of performance is based on food, which is the area I tend to neglect the most.


Let’s face it; I am a runner, cyclist, and now swimmer. My legs are strong. TRUE they could be stronger and I will continue to work on that. BUT my arms and core are basically pathetic compared to where they need to be. So much of running and cycling involves core strength and although I could probably get away with what I have for a long time, I want to be better! 🙂 (Competitive much? Only with myself!)

BUT with the addition of swimming I am really noticing how weak my arms and core are and it has made me well aware that I need to devote some time and energy to those areas.

Once I am out of school I am going to take some body pictures and measurements as a bench mark for where I begin and I really expect to see some improvement by the end of summer!

I just got a knock-off TRX system for my house and that will be truly helpful and I plan to use it a ton!!

Strength is becoming one of my most important exercises because –

– I feel better when I am stronger – workouts are better and I find I can gain more speed and better performance out of my stronger muscles
– Muscle burns more calories than fat
– When losing weight strength training is important to retain your muscle mass as you are losing excess fat
– 1lb of muscle is more dense then 1lb of fat, SO although they weigh the same, muscle takes up less room in my body resulting in inches lost.
– Having a strong strength training program will help with not getting injured! Injury is my least favorite thing as a runner and right now I have youth on my side being only 26, but as I get older and my training gets more intense, I will take everything I can get to help with injury prevention.

I would also be lying if I said I didn’t want to face off with my co-worker to see who can hold plank the longest… Lol – My co-worker is a swimmer and a yoga enthusiast – He also salsa dances and tosses girls around – Beating him in a plank war would make my day… no make that MY YEAR! 🙂


So I don’t have much on my list now – but taking into account I live in one of the best places for outdoor activities, I figure it is about time to start trying some stuff.

If you can think of anything I should add to list, please do let me know!! I am open to any suggestions…

Here is what I have so far –

– White water rafting – This is on the books for June 9th! I am going with the family! My crazy father-in-law also informed me that when we get to the point where you have the choice to jump in and float through the rapids….. I really DON’T have a choice, my answer will be “yes, please!” or he is tossing me in!
 Rock climbing – SO I don’t plan on climbing any actual rocks this summers, outdoors in the mountains or anything – but I DO plan on at least taking an indoor rock climbing class. We have a few rock climbing gyms in the area which would be a good place to start.
– Open water swim – So this is a must for triathlons, which I have 3 or 4 on the schedule, but this will still really be a first. I have swum in lakes and stuff recreationally, but never in competition and never WELL! I actually am signing up for JUST an open water swim on July 4th. Planning on doing the quarter mile, but if I continue to get better rapidly I may try my hand at the half mile.
– Kayaking – So this is similar to the rafting, but I seriously have never done it! PLUS the father-in-law has 3 kayaks and we have a Subaru so there is really no excuse! Lol
– Trail running – So I do a little bit around town. We have trails to run on in the suburbs where I live, but nothing to intense. I am going to make it a point to get out and run on some serious trails. I want to run a mountain – gain significant elevation and stand panting at the top! That is a must for this summer… even if I have to crawl towards the end!

What do you think? Any other suggestions?


So that is the plan! Live summer to the fullest!

I also have a plan to really focus on weight loss! I want to be down to 200lbs or below by the end of the August. That is really only 15lbs and I SHOULD be able to do that! I just need to FOCUS! 🙂

GOOD LUCK with everything you do this week! 🙂 Some things may be hard but I know you can do it!


About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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5 Responses to Summer Goals!

  1. bubblymel says:

    Morgan have you tried including protein with each of your meals?? I don’t work out as much as you but I find it really helps to keep me full! Also eating 5-6 small meals a day helps too! I’m sure you will work out what works best for your body! Keep up the good work!

    • Morgan says:

      You know I do try to eat protein with each meal — but maybe I am underestimating how much I need. That is entirely possible!! I do try to eat smaller meals throughout the day.. BUT not always — that may be the key to getting more on track. I think I could probably up fiber too — but that I have to be careful with. Thank you for your suggestions!!

  2. lucy says:

    hi, why not try the 30 day shred? it’s mainly used for weight-loss and toning, but it really helps improve your core and arms since theres a bit of weights involved and the amazing thing is its only for 30 days and take 30 mins

    • Morgan says:

      I may try it! Or something like that.. I do sometimes do the Jillian Michael’s six pack abs — But I will look into the 30 day shred too!

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