Mt. Si Race report!

Last Friday I was having a mini crisis. I don’t know what sprung it on, but my desire for adventure was so strong that my bones ached.

I spent most of the day looking back on all the things I never have done.. like go away to college.. dating around.. traveling – Instead I stayed at home, fell in love and married young, and have never been away from the west coast. (Oregon, California, and Washington)

Spending most of the night dreaming about the life I could have lived… and how I didn’t let loose in my early twenties and now that time is passing me by…

I stayed up late waiting for my husband to get home and gave him a big hug when he came in, we talked a bit and he had me feeling better. Even if I never did date around and spent my whole adult life in basically one relationship, I realized that I have the best husband ever and wouldn’t change that for the world.

On Saturday, my sadness about never traveling got put into perspective.

I was meeting my in-laws in downtown Seattle at Pike Place market. We got our times messed up and I ended up having about 2 hours downtown to kill before they arrived.

I wandered around Pike Place and was so happy to be in such a lively place. If you have never been to Pike Place Market in Seattle, if you ever visit, this is a must see stop. It was busy, fish were flying, and people were scurrying around.


I realized how much I love the atmosphere of Seattle. It is just so full of life.

At one point I was looking over the water and marveling at how pretty it is here. I may not have seen much of the world, but I do know that Washington State is a gem. We have green pretty much year round, the sheer volume of trees keeps the air clean, we have the ocean coast, and a beautiful mountain range. For an outdoor enthusiast, this is a place to be.


Suddenly, I didn’t feel so upset about not doing much traveling. Sometimes I hate only really exploring Washington State, but during certain moments you can’t help but to sit back and feel blessed from having the pleasure of growing up around so much beauty.


The icing on the cake was Sunday. We had the Mt. Si Relay race. This is a 59 mile race in the shadow of our Mt. Si, it is a scenic course that is full of beautiful views.


Not the best photo of Mt. Si — I will probably see some better ones soon as the team starts sharing their photos.

To get to the race, we had to head out around 5am. It started at 6:30 and we didn’t have too much hanging out time before the race. We had a nearly full 9 person team with each person running 1 leg, except for the last where many of the crew ran it together.

There was a lot of hurry up and wait. You would see one person off, drive to the next exchange, wait an hour, wait at the exchange and send the next person off – this was repeated throughout the course.

I was running leg four and according to info, it had less than 40 feet of elevation gain but over a 250 foot elevation drop.  I like downhill so I picked this leg (many people don’t)

It was so exciting watching my team mate racing in to make the exchange, once he gave me a high five, I was off!


I ran down the road and hit the trail. Starting off, I notice pretty quick there was a slight incline. Nothing HUGE but enough to notice and be annoyed by it. I kept going, up and up and up. Thinking “Um, this seems like a lot more up then the information let on… Where is the HUGE drop??” – Mile 1… going up… Mile 2… going up… Mile 3… going up – Then I hit mile 4 –Despair! Getting sick of all the up.. I just needed a break…! I decided to walk for just a minute (BAD MISTAKE) I am not one to easily get started from a walking break. I spent most of the next half mile in a weird walk/run until I could get my rhythm back. Mile 5… going up!

Seriously though! My leg distance was a solid 10k (6.2 miles) I am nearing the end of mile 5 and I have yet to see this significant elevation drop! Then I rounded the corner… and the trail dropped down in the steepest hill I have run down.

I kicked it up a notch and picked up pace.. Flying down the hill at my maximum speed!!

There is a HUGE rush with regards to running at all-out effort down an enormous hill with cliff on either side. I was shouting in my head “FASTER! FASTER! FASTER!”.

On the downhill sprint, I had one of those moments. Running is a grueling sport where you spend a lot of time struggling and being bored. But occasionally you have a moment! A moment where you are listening to your breath, you are in tune with your stride, and you feel truly FREE and POWERFUL and in COMPLETE AWE of what your body can do. These moments are perfect! They are what I run for – I put in the boring and difficult training in hope of getting to the next point where I have a few minutes of complete and perfect happiness.

This dissolved the rest of the self-wallowing that I had been experiencing over the weekend. I may not have done anything seriously crazy.. But I felt alive!!

The rest of the day was filled with friendship – My running crew is such a huge inspiration on my life and I felt completely content spending my entire Sunday enjoying our love of running and working together to meet a goal. It was great!

Overall, this 10K distance was a new personal best for me! The individual legs were not times, so this is pretty unofficial – but I finished in 1:07:08 – My splits were















Mile 6 flattened out at the end so I couldn’t quite get to a best mile pace. Overall a good race – Just check the elevation stats and looky here!


Elevation Gain: 235 ft
Elevation Loss: 251 ft

Haha This looks like a lot more gain then the “<40” that our handbook had listed! If I would have been aware of a long gradual hill I would have prepared myself a little different.

If you want the full stats for this run visit:

Overall a great weekend! I feel much more content then when it started and feel a little bit excited again!

Ready for another week of training hard! Keep trying everyone and have a great night!


About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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4 Responses to Mt. Si Race report!

  1. upnsoul says:

    Awesome blog Morgan. You have made me feel better about my first half marathon in 11 days time. I love those happiness running zones as well and always ache for it to kick in.

  2. leannenalani says:

    Seattle really is a beautiful area. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to Pike Place. Congrats on your race! That’s impressive, especially with the elevation.

  3. Lamar says:

    Good job on the race Morgan! I’ve lived on the east coast all my life but I have visited Seattle twice and my heart is still there. I took my wife on my second trip and she wouldn’t mind living there also. She really enjoyed Pike Place and the skyline from our hotel. Just like you I enjoy the greenery in Washington state. Makes me think of fresh air. Sigh….

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