First Tri Tomorrow!

I have my first indoor tri on Sunday! Woot! I am pretty close to actually swimming like a normal swimmer… this tri is 15 min swim, 30 min bike, 1.5 mile run. Nothing to serious… until I try to swim for 15 minutes straight I guess! Lol.

I have a little predicament though. I have been trying to find some good tri outfits that feel comfortable. I DID find a pair of tri shorts that I really love. I ran in them last weekend and they felt good. BUT with my overall long body and my not so flat tummy, the couple tri shirts I have found seem to slide up turning into nice little belly shirts during biking and running.

So question here… Do I have any fuller figured tri participants out there? Have any idea where I may find a tri top that would stay down!? OR could I just use a fitted moisture wicking running top maybe?

I got another try outfit which is a tri suit. I figured maybe a one piece would be OK because it will solve my tummy showing off issues… but this tri suits, although it fits ok, gives me serious sausage leg! I have not run or bike in it yet to see how it feels, but it certainly gives me that oh so unattractive leg bump where it ends.

Now I am not the most self-conscience girl around and am generally OK with my body… but it would take some serious confidence to be a full figured woman running around in a belly shirt… So I am probably going to suck it up and wear the one piece. BUT if I could find an outfit that actually fit, I would be one happy camper!

I am really finding out that tri clothes are not designed for the fuller figured, but I have satisfactory options so it won’t STOP me from continuing on… Because I do enjoy crossing those finish lines! BUT it helps you stay focused on the task at hand if you aren’t worried about your outfit.

I have been ordering them online because tri clothes are so small I have been trying to get XXLarge sizes.. but I may try to find a top around town and see if I can find a brand that might run a little bigger.


Well enough of my tri clothes rant! I have been doing really good this week with food. I am hoping that I will see some changes in the scale this week… because alas, I did not see any last week. But this is my line, the line I can’t ever seem to get past… the dreaded 216lbs – I am determined to do it though!!! Even if it takes me months!! Lol BUT I am exercising a lot so even without changes in the scale, the changes in my body are obvious.


Swimming lessons are going well. I pretty much have the arm movement down and my kicking is ok… I also am able to pretty much keep going and not spend half of my pool time chocking and gaging on water! PROGRESS!

Now I need to work on getting down my form. I have a hard time keeping my core engaged so I end up moving my shoulders with my hips trailing behind – rather then moving all together…

I also got some serious muscle soreness in my neck this week because I like to swim with my head down! (I picture myself as a turtle in my head)  – My whole body is on the surface but for some reason I push my head way down – Coach says it is like 3 inches underwater – this gave me a serious kink in my neck that has lasted most the week.

GOAL FOR THE WEEK: Remember to let my head float!!

I did find a pretty good youtube video about swimming… This is the only one I really liked


RUNNING! For today on my schedule I have a 9 mile run with a 30 minutes time trial! OUCH! 🙂 This means warm up for about 1-2 miles, then essentially run a 5k (since 30 min time trial is fast…), then “cool down” which means for me 4 miles of slower running. Sounds painful just thinking about it…. But if I wanted easy, I guess I wouldn’t be in training… so hydrating now and heading out in about 3 hours to put this craziness behind me!



Well mid-term studying is calling my name! 🙂 Wish me luck on my tri and I will give you all a report on Sunday! 


About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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6 Responses to First Tri Tomorrow!

  1. Have you looked at these guys for tri clothes? They celebrate all body types on their journey to fitness and look pretty cool too 🙂

  2. sweatingforit says:

    Good luck! I’ve had trouble finding tri clothes at times too. I spend a lot of time on Amazon reading reviews. A well fitting tech top will be fine too. You just want one that won’t fly around during the swim.

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