Giveaway Winner and Bad Race Photos!

Hi All! It has been a long week… BUT I have a winner for my giveaway. Because of the delay on getting the winners ready, I decided to give away a second copy, so I have two winners of a copy of Eat & Run by Scott Jurek!

The two lucky winners are

Will B Fit – You can find here blog here


Natalie @ Fit Fun Femme – You can find her blog here

Congrats to the winners!

This is just my first giveaway – So there will be other items to win the future! Not worry if you did not win this one! 🙂


Now onto the updates! I actually lost no weight again last week – remained the same though – that brings it to 3 weeks now, which is a little discouraging, although at least I am not gaining everything back – So that is one positive!

I have been really good with the eating this week, so I am hopeful I will see some changes in the scale tomorrow.

For non-scale victories, I have been noticing some more definition in my arms and shoulders. I assume this is from lots of swimming and TRX strength once a week. I DO strength train twice a week, but the other day I focus more on my glutes, core, and hamstrings – so only really one day of arms — except for the swimming which is a lot of upper body work with all the PULLING of the water


My first tri is officially 1 week away. It is an indoor tri so nothing to crazy, but I am excited to see how I do and get my feet wet. Hopefully it will light a bigger fire under me to work harder and improve faster!!

For this week I am going to try to get in the pool every day! I am just going to work on really getting my form strong and hopefully build up a little bit of endurance to keep going and not have to stop so frequently.

I have already added some Tris and open water swims to my schedule for the summer so I NEED to put swimming into overdrive and prepare!


I would like to take the rest of this post to reflect on the complete HORRIBLEness of race photos! I don’t know about you but my race photos are always atrocious. I have had a copy good ones over the years but for the most part they are terrible. Let’s start with last weekend –

If you remember it was basically a monsoon with LOTS of rain – so I am soaking wet, miserable, and working hard. I look really frowny!


Now let’s follow that beauty up with some other bad ones over the years…..




Now I will admit; I have had a couple good ones. Luckily they were during my half marathon, so I got some good shots from that.




I am convinced if they posted a sign that was like “PHOTOGRAPHER AHEAD” people would have much better photos and photographers would make more money!! I am pretty sure they hide in bushes and things because I neeeeeverrr see them! Or maybe I am just too focused. Lol.

ONE GOOD THING – Since I wear that green vest SO much at races (because of POCKETS!) I do notice that in this past weekend’s race the vest looks much bigger on me! That is cool. 🙂




About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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3 Responses to Giveaway Winner and Bad Race Photos!

  1. sweatingforit says:

    Race photos are the worst!

  2. willbfit says:

    I wanted to let you know I received the book today!! That was super fast. Thank you so much!! Can’t wait to read it!!

  3. i hate race photos. i’ve taken one i like. like… ever. 🙂

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