Running in the rain!

Hi Everyone!

I promise to announce the winners of last weekend’s giveaway tomorrow! 🙂 Things have just been busy as usual and I have not had the chance to work on it yet.

Where to start with updates though…

FIRST last weekend I got a new car!! My old car was basically running on fumes so the hubby and I finally bit the bullet and picked up this beauty!


YES it is the hamster car!! But I do love it dearly!! Much better than the Chevy I had been driving!


Next I ran a SUPER wet 6 mile run this morning!! I had 6 miles on the schedule and this weekend there was a 5 mile race up in Burlington, WA. It is about 50 minutes away from where I live, but this particular area is my favorite place to run. I do all the races they provide and make the trek! I wasn’t planning on stopping in until a few days ago but having a race to go to is an easy way to ensure you get your run in and get it in early!

On the drive up, the weather was pretty cloudy but mostly dry. I knew I might see some rain, but I was hoping for a slight drizzle. (This is typical Seattle weather, it is always drizzling) – So as I am driving it is clear and clear and clear — then I turn on the freeway exit and drive right into what I would imagine a monsoon to look like.

The wind was blowing and it was pretty much a torrential downpour. BUT whatever, like a little wind and rain is going to stop me!!

This run was mostly a training run so I settled into a nice comfortable pace. The official time 59.17 – compared to last year which was 55:05 – there are a couple differences between these races. For one, this year I was running slowly on purpose… it wasn’t racing and was actively keeping my heart rate down… Last year I was racing, full on booking it!! This year it was a monsoon – I am sure I was exerting more energy fighting the rain and wind and trying to stay warm… Last year the sun was shining!! – This year the half mile uphill to the finish line felt like a speed bump… Last year it felt like a HUGE mountain!!!

Overall I am happy with this “race”. Of course I had 6 miles on the schedule, so I hit the finish line, ditched the chip timer, and headed out to finish another mile. Lol

Here is a peak at Washington trail running legs… not as bad as I thought they would be though.



I also got my new tri outfit in… Let me tell you… These things leave nothing to the imagination! They are like a second skin. (please excuse the dirty mirrors! I need to clean them!)


I think I have deemed the top a little too tight though and am going to order a different one. I plan on keeping this one, because in theory I should continue to get smaller and it should fit in a month or two… but for right now it is just a little too snug across my back which I worry will limit my movement. For now I am ordering up and getting comfortable for the Tri I have in a couple weeks.



I think that is about all I have for you today.. I weigh in tomorrow and I’ll update you on the winner for my giveaway. 🙂 I know I haven’t posted a weigh in lately, but for the past 2 weeks I have been pretty much neutral. You can view the actual amounts on the progression page.




About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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One Response to Running in the rain!

  1. sweatingforit says:

    I can totally sympathize with you about the tri clothes! When I first came home with my team tri top, my husband asked why I ordered a children’s size instead of a women’s size. That is a cute top though.

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