Swimming excitement!

FIRST – I would like to say that my giveaway of “Eat and Run” by Scott Jurek is open for entries until tomorrow night at midnight PST. If you want to go get your name in the basket, please see my post “Mile test… and my first GIVEAWAY” – The winner for this should be announced early next week.

SECOND – My swimming is going REALLY well!! I had my second swim lesson with the coach and from the couple of pointers she gave me, I was able to consistently swim at least the length of the pool without choking on water. This is SUPER awesome for me!

Swimming right now reminds me of when I started running. When you start running your life is full of little victories. First it is “I made it the whole 30 seconds without stopping!!” then “I made it 5 minutes without stopping!!!” BUT my favorite feeling of ALL time in my entire running career is “I made it my first mile without stopping!!!!!” I swear NOTHING feels as good as when you make it your first mile. Even finishing my first 5k, 10k, or half marathon did not make me feel as perfectly blissful as when I ran my first mile. When that happened my whole outlook on running changed from “this is hard and I’ll never be able to do it…” TO “I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!” – And I was mostly right. Running a full marathon or even an ultra-marathon seems possible! Mostly because I realized training properly works! If it got me to a mile it can get me to a marathon!

With swimming I get the feeling of little victories back — The obstacles that may seem insignificant, to a newbie seem as good as climbing Everest! For example… right now here are the victories I have been feeling

–          “I am actually moving!!!!”

–          “I was able to breathe once and continue without choking!!!”

–          “I was able to breathe twice and continue without choking!!!!” Etc

And finally —

–          “I was able to make it from one end of the pool to the other!!!!” Woohoo!!

I am back in the pool tomorrow and I hope to make it a full lap. Just once down and back! If I don’t make it tomorrow I am sure it will be soon!

I think why these little victories are SO important and make you feel SO good about yourself is because in the beginning everything is so exaggerated and you can see SIGNIFICANT improvement every time you get out there.

For me, since I have been running for a while – it begins to get harder to hit new milestones and the wins have a much larger gap. Like you have to work very hard to shave a couple seconds off your best 5k time or training for months to get a longer distance. Every time you lace up your running shoes it is not going to necessarily be a better run then the one before and it sometimes messes with your head always having to focus on the bigger picture.

I am glad I decided to work on triathlons this year because running can becoming a little grating and monotonous especially slower recovery runs – with these you are not working very hard and it is easy to want to skip them or get bored doing them! Managing 3 sports I don’t really have very many recovery runs, I am just cross-training on my light days. – Also I have shifted from 4 days a week of running with maybe 2 rest days in a week to 2 days of running with only one rest day. I am actually training 6 days a week but with the mix of swimming, cycling, running, and strength – Each day is exciting and I am not really getting bored with anything. When my long run day comes I am a little excited about it because I haven’t run in a couple days. (I am excited to be done with school in the next year or so and then I can really kick it up a notch – I have to hold back a little bit because 24 hours in a day is just not enough time!)

Here is my schedule for next week!!

Sunday – 1 hour bike, 30 min swim
Monday – 30 min swim, 1 hour strength
Tuesday – Run (track)
Wednesday – 45 min Bik (hills)
Tuesday – 30 min swim, 1 hour TRX strength
Friday – REST
Saturday – 6 mile run

As you can see here in the graph below things are broken down nicely (Haven’t updated in a little while so some of the durations are off the % of time in about right!) – Look at all the color and variety! I am super excited about what this summer will bring!



For food I have been a little bit of a bad bunny. I haven’t been eating anything TERRIBLE for me but I have not been watching my nutrition closely to make sure I am getting the right amount of nutrients. I have just been busy and tired – BUT I am getting back on the food wagon this week – mostly because last week I saw a slight gain in my weight and this week I am expecting the same.

Food is probably the most important component of weight loss (and strength training to make sure you are maintaining your muscles!) So if I want to be down to a GOOD weight by the time I start hitting my half marathon, first outdoor triathlon, and hopefully a marathon this summer and fall – I need to get my rear in gear and stop making excuses for being a bad bunny!

Here is the thing – Weight loss is easy(er) part, I believe most people can keep on track for 6 months to a year and lose the weight they want. The hard part comes when it is time to MAINTAIN! Maintaining is the beast because you can make good choices for a year but getting into the mind set of doing it FOREVER is the hard part. This time I want it to be forever! So making sure I stay on track and if I get off course to re-correct is important to me. I want to be a healthy person and make good choices — Mostly I am getting the weight off for my health – but honestly I WANT TO DO AN IRONMAN!! And I want to do a GOOD IRONMAN!! – This is my motivation; this is what gets me off my booty and out the door. Forever is a good mindset for me because I want to be training FOREVER 🙂

My father-in-law is 67 years old and he is STILL getting faster!! He just made the Northwest Runner’s best time’s list with his 5k in February where he came in just a bit over 26 minutes! I want to be that fast when I am 67 years old! I want to run circles around my 26 year old running buddy (that’s me right now!). 🙂

I am not competitive in the slightest with anyone around me – I am competitive with myself and my number one goal in life is TO SEE WHAT I AM CAPABLE OF!  The human body is a very resilient thing and I want to make sure I get everything I possibly can out of it. 🙂


Sorry I am a little bit of a rambler today! 🙂 I am just feeling good and strong! I am happy about all the positive changes in my life and I am excited to see where this takes me.

As I mentioned before, this is not my first weight loss journey, and I will tell you about the first one someday soon – BUT this time it is forever!



About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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4 Responses to Swimming excitement!

  1. sweatingforit says:

    I love triathlons! And mixing just plain road races in with triathlons. Have you picked an outdoor triathlon yet?

    That’s super cool about your father in law. I have a goal to be a badass 70 year old racing machine too!

    • Morgan says:

      I HAVE picked my first outdoor tri! I think I am going to do a sprint in July. I am going to wait another month or so to see how far I come along with swimming… I may choose to do the Olympic distance instead 🙂 — I have my first indoor one next month!

  2. Such a great inspiring post to read! I absolutely love your goals and motivation…and your fearlessness to just go after them! I need to do the same with swimming…bite the bullet, get back in the pool sometime soon, and have a professional coach watch me and help me so I can improve!

  3. Cindy says:

    Awesome post! Swimming is tough. I remember when I started…oh boy, very physically and mentally challenging. Keep up the good work!

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