Hot Chocolate 5K and weigh in from this week!

Hello everyone – Sorry I have been MIA again but this last week has been CRAZY! AND this is my finals week… so I have been scrambling to get everything done with school!

I found out the Thursday before last that I had a friend in from out of town that I haven’t seen in FOREVER. But with my race this past weekend and covering for a co-worker on the Saturday shift, it was tight fitting in a visit in. I ultimately went to visit him at a party on last Saturday night after work. This basically accounted for the complete fail at last Sunday mornings Hot Chocolate 5k. It was still fun, but here is what you don’t do the night before a race…

–          Eat mystery potluck food, even if it is delicious!

–          Stay out tooo late which equals going to be to late

–          Hang out in the smoking area with said friend while he smokes a CIGAR

–          Not drink enough water because you are too busy chatting

Yeah I did all of those things! Not good! Lol – This equated to a roaring stomach ache for most of the morning and during the race. Also I felt like I was a pack a day smoker again and I was SOOO tired.(Just look at the bags under my eyes!!)


Overall a pretty fun race though. It started way to early at 6:45 in the morning. Being that it was a downtown Seattle race, I decided to grab a hotel downtown rather then fight my way in on the morning of… There was just something about getting up at about 4am to go to a race I wasn’t up for. Good thing I did to because of all the reasons listed above. This at least allowed me to sleep in until 6am and then groggily stumble over to the start line.


The race was SUPER cold because it was starting as the sun was coming up. A bunch of my friends were doing the 15K which started AFTER the 5k by about an hour and they had probably the best weather ever. Sunday proved to be probably the most beautiful day this year is Seattle. The sun was out but it was still a little chilly, perfect for running!!

ImageAfter the race the hubby and I shuffled back to the hotel and fell back to sleep for a couple hours! This was like HEAVEN!! I woke up MUCH better after this nappy-poo and was ready to start the day.


We hit a Greek restaurant downtown that I have never been to before and it was DELICIOUS! I got a Greek omelet which was basically zucchini, onions, tomatoes, and peppers. It came with roasted potatoes that were mixed with more onions and peppers. It was super yummy! We will certainly be back!! Greek food is basically my favorite kind and going to a good restaurant is always a treat. The one we usually go to is ok, but this was on a whole new level. Everything was homemade and you could certainly tell.



March’s lunge challenge is going well! 🙂

March 1 – 5 lunges per leg per variation – DONE!

March 3 – 6 lunges per leg per variation – DONE

March 5 – 7 lunges per leg per variation – DONE!

March 7 – 8 lunges per leg per variation – DONE!

I am on track! Haha even though it has only been 4 days! But still 8 lunges per leg puts me at 40 lunges per leg! OUCH!


Weigh –in this week! I didn’t do it on Sunday morning like usual because I was downtown at a hotel, but I did make up for it on Monday morning. I weighed in at 217 which puts me down 2.6 lbs from last week. BIG loss this week! Hopefully I keep seeing it go down and don’t see a gain next week. But I am going to stay the course and hopefully all goes well.

This is actually the true test here. I seem to always be able to drop from 230 to 217 and then I cant get past it. I have done this 2 years in a row. In 2011 I got down to 216 from 230, regained it back and in 2012 went from 230 to 217. Haha! Hopefully I can still keep it going down and break through this 2 year pattern!



So I officially signed up for swimming lessons with the coach! I have decided to try to do a couple Tris this summer! (Peer pressure at its finest! Lol) but I think it will be good. I have already been incorporating cycling into the schedule since the beginning of February and so why not add swimming? I actually have really enjoyed the bit of cross training. Before I was getting a little burned out on running and since I am not doing it for all my workouts during the week, when I do have a running day it kind of feels like a treat again.

I know managing 3 sports may be challenging, but I am taking the summer off from school, so I hope to really really enjoy that time and get some good races in!!


Photo update!!

Well last night I got done cycling and realized that I was in a pretty good outfit to take another progress picture.

Do I look any smaller? Not super drastic of course because it has only been a month or so since my last update and I am not even 10lbs lighter since the last picture. But I have been doing quite a bit of strength so I wanted to see if there was any difference. I should find my tape measure this week and check my measurements.



Well that is all I have for you today! Hope everyone is having a good week!




About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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8 Responses to Hot Chocolate 5K and weigh in from this week!

  1. Love your blog! Your posts are actually very inspiring – well done on the 2.6lb weight loss too!

  2. monk-monk says:

    Good work! I did the Hot Chocolate 5k last weekend in Seattle, too!! So glad it wasn’t rainy, that would have made the 6:45 am business TERRIBLE!

    • Morgan says:

      That is cool! It was actually a pretty fun course, wasn’t it? And I did enjoy dipping my pretzels into chocolate after! 🙂 I’ll probably do the 15k next year give myself an extra hour of sleep! 🙂 Lol

      • monk-monk says:

        yeah, I signed up to run it with a friend and had already paid before I realized it was so dang early! I’m more of a run around 10am kinda gal 🙂

  3. Cindy says:

    Great job Morgan 🙂 Keep mixing it up and you’re sure to have a breakthrough!

  4. You are so inspiring!!

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