Food I can’t pronounce and possible marathon?

Well it is another worded Wednesday around here!

I have been being pretty good this week. Yesterday was a little toooo light on the food. It wasn’t really on purpose, I just got busy, forgot to eat, and the tummy didn’t remind me. After a light day of eating I went to a pretty challenging track night so by the end I was running on fumes! Came home and had some apples with almond butter and pita with cheese.

Today I actually ate more than yesterday, finishing off the day making a yakisoba dish for dinner. Although, I found it to be quite bland – the hubby was loving it and singing my praises. I, on the other hand, had to top the thing with half a bottle of tapatio until I deemed it having enough flavor.. see all the red? That is tapatio! (and some cheese on the side to take bits of with the food! lol)


For this dish, I basically took premade noodles and a bag of frozen stir-fry veggies and cooked them up in a pan with some olive oil, garlic, onion, ginger, and teriyaki sauce. I might try a different sauce next time because it seriously had no flavor. I probably also should have add 3 times as many veggies and a quarter of the noodles. The premade noodles just didn’t look like very much and they kept getting biggggger and the frozen veggies looked like a ton but they shrank while they cooked! Lol. But next time I’ll at least know the correct proportions! See lots of veggies…. 



And see them disappear into the noodle abyss!!



Over the weekend we went to our local Asian grocer and I do love going there because they have a bunch of weird veggies and fruits at reasonable prices. We picked up a new type of fruit, which one of the clerks lets us try before we bought. He was SUPER excited to convert someone over to eating this fruit…. I can’t pronounce it…. But here is the sign for your reference!! (yes it was a bit spending, but worth a try for a treat every once in awhile!)


And here is the hubby trying it out in the store (it was good)….


We also picked up a dragonfruit. I have never had dragon fruit and have yet to try it, but it sounded and looked cool. I haven’t met a fruit I hated yet, so hopefully it will be good. Has anyone ever had dragon fruit before? How is it?



On the fitness front… It is a little of the same old thing. BUT there are some new updates

1. Coach has moved my strength up to 3 days a week rather than 2. This will be hard, I think, but it brings me one step closer to being the LUNGE MASTER!!

2. I am now foam rolling 3 times a week. I actually took a class on this because my TRX class was stretching and myofascial release. She gave a pretty in depth look into myofascial release which showed me just how much I skimped on the rolling and really how big of a difference it makes. I will get around to doing a post on this at some point here soon… because I believe it is one of the BEST things you can do to better the quality of your workouts. Especially if you are a runner.

3. I picked my next half marathon! That’s right! I am trying again and this time I WILL NOT GET HURT! 🙂 I have really been trying to change things up to prevent injury this time around. For one… I am working my glutes to the MAX. I am going to have the strongest glutes around!! What with all the squatting and lunging and raising and lifting… I am hoping to put more of the work on the larger muscle groups and keep my poor feeties from taking the brunt of 13 miles of pavement pounding. Also every pound I lose is bringing me closer to running injury free. As much as we may like to deny it sometimes, running around with 50 extra pounds of fat DOES put so much more pressure on your body as you run.

4. If all goes well with the half marathon in June, I told coach I am just going to continue the training until the Victoria Marathon in October. Many of the girls are doing this marathon this year and I would LOVE to do it with them. But first things first, I need to at least do a half without injury or complication. If I can do that then I think I’ll be up to continue building mileage until the marathon.

5. Half training really begins at the end of March so things should start to get a little more interesting with long run turnovers! 🙂 If half training turns into marathon training things should start getting REALLY interesting. Can you imagine all the things I can see on an 18 mile run over the weekend? Lol.


I have been reading a new book as of late – although it is award winning and has good reviews… I am finding it kind of dull…. I hope it gets better SOON!! I am only about halfway through it as of now, so there is still hope!…


I am usually a BIG reader, but with training, school, work, and wordpress, I have been neglecting it. I have seriously been staring at a giant pile of unread books for 3 months now!! But on a side note — If you are doing a recovery ride, taking it to a gym stationary bicycle makes reading more plausible! — My mom forwarded me the pic below and I can totally relate!! 🙂




Well that is about it in Morgan’s World so far this week! I have the Hot Chocolate run this weekend. I am doing the 5K and I think they are seriously trying to torturer a girl!! I checked the start time after I signed up and the race starts at 6:45 *AM* — Wow! I had to book a hotel downtown because there was no way I was willing to fit my way into downtown Seattle for a HUGE race where there will be traffic and parking issues… all before 6am!! That is crazy! So I forked over the dough to get a hotel for the night right across the street. That way I can roll out of bed at 6 am (still crazy) and walk over. 

Many of my track girls are doing the 15k which starts at 7:40, not sure why the longer race is after but okkkk… that just means when I am done they will be starting about 30 minutes later and then be racing for nearly 2 hours… I am glad I got the hotel for this too.. Maybe I can run over a take a nap while they are running!! I think we hope to catch breakfast after.

Well I am off to do some strength training, read a bit more, and go to bed! Sleepy today!



^^^ Lol. I had to giggle a bit at that one! ^^^


About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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2 Responses to Food I can’t pronounce and possible marathon?

  1. Cindy says:

    Sounds like you have plenty of good runs lined up! Good for you 😀
    Have you tried using hoisin sauce in your stir fry or noodles? It adds lots of flavor and a little heat.

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