Turkey Enchilada Success!


I just had the worst day ever! 🙂 How about you?

Haha – It is pretty hard for me to have a bad day where the effects linger at least. Work was just very stressful and I think it had the whole team a little on edge. My co-workers made me mad and I made them mad, it was like a constant battle of madness and stress all day! – Ack!

BUT now that I am home, I am fine. Just need a good night’s sleep and tomorrow will be a new day.

One positive thing about today was that I tried my turkey enchiladas for the first time. My hubby pretty much licked his plate and was looking for seconds. This made me happy!! This doesn’t happen all too often because frankly.. I am a terrible cook!! But this week I have managed to make two meals where I got a hubby thumbs up! I figure… I can’t get any better if I don’t try! So that is what I am doing, trying! I figure over the next few months I may have food that is pretty inedible and has to be pitched but I may also discover the inner chef.

For the turkey enchiladas I kind of made it up as I went along. It has some unusual ingredients because the hubby has some acid reflux problems (which the minestrone soup from Monday seriously triggered! IT was delicious, but never making it again) – I have listed my recipe below…. Sorry if it is confusing this is the first recipe I have ever written personally. Ask any questions if you have them!!


1 lb ground turkey
2 medium celery stocks chopped fine
¼ onion chopped fine (this doesn’t help acid reflux, but I just used a little bit to add SOME flavor! You could add more if you like probably!)
1 pinch each of salt, pepper, and garlic salt
12 corn tortillas
1 can enchilada sauce

– Brown up you ground turkey in a medium to large fry pan – adding the salt, pepper, and garlic salt. (you could probably use REAL garlic in place of the garlic salt, but garlic is again a no no for acid reflux, so I used a small amount of the salt.)
– Once the turkey is almost cooked add in the celery and onions and continue cooking until turkey is cooked through
– Once done cooking, take off heat and set aside. (I took it out of the fry pan and put it on a plate with a paper towel under it, to try to get any grease, which was very little. I then washed my fry pan to reuse heating the tortillas.)
– Prepare a casserole dish. Get it prepped by adding a small amount of enchilada sauce to the bottom; (just enough to have a light coating) then put the can of sauce aside to use later.
– In a clean fry pan add a little butter or oil.
– Put one corn tortilla in the fry pan and cook a little on each side to soften it up and make it pliable
– Dip tortilla into the enchilada sauce on both sides, add some of the meat mixture and roll up. (To dip the tortilla, I took a plate and added some enchilada sauce to it, then put the tortilla on top and flipped until I had a coating of enchilada sauce on the whole tortilla.)
– Place completed tortilla seam side down in your prepped casserole dish
– Repeat with all enchiladas until meat and tortillas are gone.
– Sprinkle a little shredded cheese on top and bake uncovered in the oven on 350 degrees for about 15 minutes until cheese is all melty.

For my batch I got two casserole dishes prepped and put 6 enchiladas in one pan to cook today and 6 in another pan for tomorrow. For the tomorrow batch, I got them ready up until the point of baking them, covered the pan with foil or cling wrap and then put it in the fridge.

I am going to be home latish tomorrow so the hubby just has to come home and put them in the oven until they are cooked again.

Super easy! This batch made 12 enchiladas for me, but you could make less if you put more meat in each tortilla or more if you put less meat in each. It is customizable. If you want many more then 12, I would suggest making a larger meat batch.

And there you have it! A successful meal without a recipe! 🙂 Now I did talk to my co-worker who brings in enchiladas all the time for basic instruction on “how to make an enchilada” but I made up my own ingredients. So this recipe is really customizable!


Monday I tried the Jillian Michaels 6 week six pack for my strength. OUCH! I was totally fine the morning after but the dreaded day 2 muscle soreness has set in for today. I am going to go do it again though in a minute! Lol. Here is the workout that I am working on:

I also did a 45 minute cycle on Monday! Yippy!

Yesterday I had track which was… my normal track warm up of lunges and dynamic exercises (although, I got there late so I missed the lunges… darn 😉 ) but the main workout was 5 minutes of running at a 5k pace with a 1 minute rest, repeated 5 times.

My heart rate was doing AWESOME yesterday and although I was dragging my feet getting to track, it was one of the best runs I have had since I have been back to running. I was able to maintain a 9:30-10 minute mile pace for each of the 5 minutes without bringing my heart rate too high – which is still a little slower than pre-injury for this kind of interval, but I am getting pretty dang close to getting my speed back to where it was! This gives me GREAT hope for my 5K race coming up this weekend.

The 5K this weekend is one I was hoping to go for a PR in but with being down the whole month of January, I didn’t think I could get my fitness up in time to really run it fast! Now I am feeling very positive about it. Still don’t know if a PR is in the cards but with a 10 minute mile pace for the whole thing should be able to hit it. BUT we will see! A time of 33 minutes or under at least would make me feel a little better even if it would not be a new record.


Well goodnight all! I am off to do some Jillian Michaels and watch Dallas before bed. Dallas is a good show to watch if you are feeling bad about the drama in your life (because Dallas is SO MUCH drama it makes your head spin! Lol) – NIGHT!




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I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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5 Responses to Turkey Enchilada Success!

  1. mymotherlied2me says:

    I love Jillian Michaels!!

    • Morgan says:

      Yeah I have been watching a lot of her workouts! I like that they are all very well balanced… even the core workout does a lot with the back, glutes, and quads too. I am really going to start trying to incorporate her workouts more!

  2. lebrian c says:

    thanks for the workout video link i’m going to try it this afternoon, and your enchiladas sound great! keep it up in the kitchen and you’ll be Martha Stewart (or Rachel Ray, whoever you like) in no time 😉

  3. Cindy says:

    Looking forward to seeing what your “Inner Chef” will be cooking up 😀

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