The good with the bad!

Valentine’s Day was great! After work I went to the gym for a TRX stretching class and Myofascial Release class. This was really informative! I am avid foam roller but I really have never done it this intensely. I have also never rolled my IT band so much, talk about painful! But my legs and hips felt great after! It was nice to finally get the opportunity to try out the TRX system. It was just for stretching, but it was a nice intro to it, since nothing was challenging. I caught the last couple minutes of the strength class before and I think after I complete the month I signed up for the stretching, I’m going to switch to strength, to give myself more of a challenge.

I skipped my run on Valentine’s Day to actually come home and spend some time with the hubby. He bought me an orchid 🙂 Because he knows me well. I still had to do homework when I got home so we didn’t do anything crazy… I didn’t even make dinner! Too busy to have Valentine ’s Day on a Thursday! But that’s OK we spend some time together this weekend and went out to dinner.

My girlfriend actually tagged me on facebook in the graphic below… kind of explains my day the best! Lol


Friday I had a girl’s night with all my training peeps! It was nice to just spend some time chatting in a regular setting, rather than running or on the bike! Lol. I learned even more about each of them! This is probably only the 2nd time I have hung out with the group outside of training so it was super nice!

Before the girls night I tried getting my 3 mile run in, but for lunch that day the boss sprung for pizza. Pizza lunch + running = badness! Pizza in your tummy on the run is basically the equivalent to slices of brick so I only made it about 1.5 miles before I called it a day!

SATURDAY my treadmill came! The thing was GIANT!!!

The hubby and I tried to call around to get some strong arms to get it in the house but no one was available 😦 So we muscled it in ourselves and it was PAINFUL! But we were successful! Then it took about 2 hours to put it together. I am so happy I married someone who is good with directions and building (he is a welder so he does a lot of building) otherwise, if *I* would have had to do it alone it would have taken me 10 hours I am sure!! Lol When putting the treadmill together I was “hold this in place” girl and my arms and legs took a beating from holding large pieces in place and squatting a lot!


BUT it is ready to go! I was tooo exhausted to give it a try yesterday (plus I already did bike so not really necessary) but I am excited to give it a test drive for my 5 mile long run today!




Food this week was good and bad! I was good most of the week, but I did eat pizza and a hamburger and lots of chips and salsa at girl’s night!! This week, the hubby and I are going shopping today. I am breaking out my juicer and I am committing 100% to eating right!

I have been watching documentaries about food on Netflix and I came across this one….

This basic message of the documentary is not really a mystery to me. Although, it was interesting and gave me some ideas of what to add to my diet to get the nutrients I need. If you have Netflix, you should check it out! It is available for streaming.

This week I told the hubby I would make dinner every night! I prepared some minestrone ingredients to toss in the crock pot tomorrow. It should be ready by the time he gets home from work. I get off late on Mondays and he has a hard time waiting until I can get food on the table at about 8pm! 🙂 So I think I may start crock potting meals on my late nights (Monday and Wednesday). It is good for me too, because dinner will be ready when I get home so I can kick back and relax!





Even with some of the bad, I was still down 1.6lbs from last week! Woot! I am hoping if I am really good this week, I will (a) feel better and be able to get all my workouts in (b) sleep better without bad food keeping me up and (c) get under 220 by next Sunday!


LETS RECAP with this week’s SAY IT, DO IT!!

Monday – 45min bike – 30min lift (glutes and core)  – DONE!
Tuesday – Track 3.75 miles with form work – Yoga – DONE!
Wednesday – Rest – DONE!
Thursday – Run 3 miles easy –45 min TRX Stretching Class – TRX DONE, moved run to Friday!
Friday – 30 min lift (glutes and core) – 1.5 mile run, strength DONE
Saturday – 1hour 15 min bike – DONE plus treadmill assembly!
Sunday – 5 mile long run – DONEEEE! (soon, Lol)

FOR NEXT WEEK! Here is the plan!

Monday – 45min bike – 30min lift (glutes and core) 
Tuesday – Track 3.75 miles with form work – Yoga
Wednesday – 30 lift (glutes and core) – yoga
Thursday – Run 3 miles 5k pacing –45 min TRX Stretching Class
Friday – REST
Saturday – 5K race! – Foam roll
Sunday – 1 hour 15 min ride (working on hill climbing) – yoga


Well that is all I have for you today! I am working on some new things and should be here keeping you updated more frequently this week! I have just been cleaning rampage girl getting ready for my treadmill to arrive.

Time for me to log off and get that 5 mile run in!! See you soo



About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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4 Responses to The good with the bad!

  1. New treadmill! How exciting! We are moving on Friday and have a new treadmill languishing in a friend’s garage until then when I’m sure it will be ME that has to put it together. Bless my man, I love him, but putting things together is NOT his thing.

    • Morgan says:

      Lol! Yeah I am lucky to have a master builder in the house. He can put together anything… Lol I dont think he was *happy* about putting together the treadmill. It really wasn’t too challenging but you will probably still need a second person to hold stuff! Good luck with the move!!

  2. Melissa says:

    Thanks for posting “hungry for change”. Once I visited their sight, I was able to view part of their video… very interesting. I might have to make a few changes in my eating habits.

    • Morgan says:

      Yeah it is a good documentary. It is no secret that the American diet is mostly high calorie and low nutrition. I certainly got some good info on what I can add to my diet to make it higher nutrition. I don’t think I will give up processed food complete, although it seriously made me look at the volume of it that I eat and where/what I could use to substitute in my diet.

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