Love ’em or Leave ’em – Valentine’s Day Dash

Well it was a beautiful morning to be at Greenlake in Seattle. Pardon the cloud cover… That is kind of our norm here… what is good about the day is the lack of rain! A little mist probably would have done me good in this morning’s 5K, but I would rather have no rain then heavy rain!



Here is the hubby and me before the race… please ignore my bed head!


Greenlake is my favorite Seattle location for races. One loop around the lake is pretty much exactly a 5k. We have to pick up the .1 somewhere, but for the most part it is a 1 lap race around a beautiful lake in Downtown Seattle. (I really like being able to see the finish the whole way around!) I have run probably half a dozen races here and it is a good place for a PR. Although, today I wasn’t even bothering trying… I was just taking it easy… pretty much settling into a 12 minute mile pace. I kind of felt like I was running my 5k in slow motion, but my legs felt good and it was nice to be so relaxed and watch the people around me with their funny costumes… And there were plenty of people there…


This race had well over 3,000 participants and I am glad I wasn’t going for time… It would have been difficult navigating the giant mob that I was running with. Instead I was able to just sink into the herd and chug along with the masses!

There were a couple cool costumes… I saw a giant Hershey Kiss… and 4 boys in tuxedos carrying a boat… Which my husband so kindly told me that they finished before me! Lol. My father-in-law ran his fastest race in over a year coming in at 26:12 (I was about 36 minutes). When he finishes he always runs back to come in again with me. Usually I am only about 5 minutes behind him so by the time he catches me I am pretty much done. Today he caught me with about half a mile to go so it was nice being able to chat. Since I was taking it easy, I was certainly chatty!!

Overall a very good race!! I was supposed to do 1.5 miles additional, but I got their late and didn’t feel like making the family wait for 20ish minutes for me to do more running, so I let it go! I think I am going to try to do a Jillian Michaels arm workout this evening. There is no strength on the schedule for today, but I have been neglecting my arms lately and since my day has been light, it would probably be a good day for it.

In a few days I am sure there will be some mighty awful race photos to share from on the course. (I am pretty sure race photographers try their hardest to get the worst photo of you ever! Lol) But for now here a pic of the family after the race…



After the race today, the family went to a Greek restaurant I love called Costas. They have a delicious gyro omelet. It is basically gyro lamb meat and feta cheese… topped with lots of hot sauce and it is like heaven.  I ate half at the restaurant and half for dinner, trying to be a little good. I am starting to feel a little hungry again, so I figure a yogurt and fruit would probably do me good before bed.  (Yes I eat at night!! *gasp in horror*)

Tomorrow I have hill repeats to do! Oh joy! I may add some distance onto the run since I only have 2.5 miles on the schedule.  Might make it 3.5 and add some flatness to my warm-up and cool-down. My legs are so sore from strength over the past two days… they would probably praise some extra movement!


Well that is my report for Saturday… time to get back to my research paper…Oh business school! 🙂





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I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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8 Responses to Love ’em or Leave ’em – Valentine’s Day Dash

  1. What an absolutely gorgeous spot for a run! We are moving soon, and the town is on a river and I’m very excited for running near the water…gotta be better than highways, right? I’m looking to sign up for a 5k soon and 36 mins would be a GREAT time for me!

  2. Lamar says:

    I think it’s great that your father in law is so supportive like that. I and my wife live over here on the east coast but are hearts are in Seattle for some reason. We both love the place.

  3. lebrian c says:

    that looks like a great race! oh, and that omelet sounds AMAZING.

  4. skybunnies says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog- the race looked so exciting, you definitely motivate me to get my ass into cardio mode and start training for more fun runs 😉

  5. Lucy says:

    Wow! You inspire me to do so much more. =)

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