Ready for the weekend!

I took the day off of work today to take my mid-term this morning. I did so-so but that’s ok there will be plenty of time to make up lost points. Like the research paper I have to do this weekend… ugh!

The good news about taking the day off of work for a test is I got to spend the rest of the day with my hubby. We went into Seattle to go to a card store. Attached to the card store is a little café that is fun to go to for a quick bite when we are downtown. We played a little magic and I beat him a few times, which I enjoy! Lol. (yes I know how to play Magic the Gathering. The things you learn for love!)

BUT onto other news! This evening I was home by my lonesome so I got my 1 hour bike in and some strength training. Here is the strength workout for the day….

Glutes and Core

  • Plank Hold – Only about 20 seconds! Boo!
  • Hip Bridge- 20 reps x2
  • Side Plank Hold – 20 seconds each side
  • Side lying hip abduction- 20 reps per side x2 per side
  • Body Weight Squats – 20 x 2

Lunges: 5 lunges per side of each exercise-

  • forward lunge
  • forward lunge w/rotation
  • side lunge
  • side lunge with step back
  • reverse lunge

I am going to hurt tomorrow!!


For food I was doing a little badly yesterday and today. Yesterday I really just couldn’t resist picking up some sweet potato mexi-fries from Taco Time. There is really just something about them that make my mouth water!! But I allow myself some indulgences sometimes – This is better than refusing tempting food 100% of the time! And I’m back on the wagon tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow, I have a 5K!! This is my first real one since I have been back from injury. No real goal for this one. I am just going to run it slowly because it is really on my schedule as a training run, rather than a speed work out. But I will be going for a new PR for my 5k at the end of the month. It will be a good course for it too!


Lately I have been thinking about what my next big race will be. There is a half-marathon on June in the city I like. It is out in cow country, which makes me happy! I love running around farmlands. I don’t get to do it much being in the city, so it is a treat to find races out in the country. It is a flat half marathon, so it would be a good race to get a nice PR on. I think I am about 90% decided that I am going to do it! That means I’ll be back to doing the long runs probably around the beginning of April.

When I am training for distance races I always hate doing it… but when I am not… I seriously miss it!! It is a weird love/hate relationship!

All my girls are training for marathon in September… depending on how I do for this next batch of distance work… I may join — we will see!

The good news is my treadmill comes next Saturday!! I am so excited to have on in my house!! It makes me feel like distance will be easier to accommodate with a running source in my living room. 🙂

Well – that is pretty much all the excitement for one day! Stay tuned tomorrow for a race report!


Have a happy, healthy weekend!

About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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3 Responses to Ready for the weekend!

  1. I nominated you for a Liebster award, if you check out my blog, you can see the details. You’re such an inspiration!a

  2. Good for you!! I think being healthy is all about balance. As long as you come back strong from your indulgences 🙂 Good luck on your 5k!

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