The end of a hard workout week!

How has everyone’s week been going so far? Mine has been good, but I am so happy for it to be the weekend!

This week I have been doing some running, which makes me happy. Before I was down because of injury/sickness I was getting a little sick of running. But not being able to run for a month has made coming back kind of nice. It is new and exciting again. Since I have some fitness to rebuild, my runs again are filled with little victories, which makes it a little exciting.

When I am in training I work with my heart rate zones. For those of you who do not know what those are, let me give you a little briefing.

HEART RATE ZONES – Quick reference!

There are 5 heart rate zones in which I train. Zone 1 is the lowest zone, in this zone I can talk normally. In addition, this is the zone where my body uses fat at a fuel source most efficiently. Zone 2 and 3 my heart rate gets progressively higher, zone 2 I can still pretty much talk normally and my body is still using fat efficiently for a fuel source. In zone 3, I am now using minimal fat as fuel and more carbohydrate and I can only do short burst of talking. In zone 4, this is where my anaerobic threshold is. In zone 4, I most likely cannot talk and I am working hard. My body is now using entirely carbohydrate for fuel. Zone 5 is the highest zone; this is where my maximum heart rate lies.

When in training I use mostly zone 1-4. Since my focus is typically in endurance sports, I do a lot of work in zone 1 and 2 because my body is using mostly fat for fuel. Fat is a more efficient fuel source then carbohydrate so I can maintain activity in these 2 zones for a long time. When I am running a 5k race, I stay pretty much in zone 3-5 because this is a relatively short distance (for me) and my body can sustain my energy with carbohydrate for this short burst of activity.

For future reference, here are my personal target heart rate zones….

Zone 1 – 144-153
Zone 2 – 154-160
Zone 3 – 161-166
Zone 4 – 167-176  (167 being my anaerobic threshold)
Zone 5 – 177-187 (187 being my maximum heart rate)

Earlier this week when I was at track it was nearly impossible to keep my heart rate out of zone 4, but yesterday I did a 4 mile run and I was able to keep my heart rate in zone 1 the whole run! This means, I think I have finally kicked this cold!! When your heart rate is higher than usual, this is a good sign that you are sick or becoming sick.


The 4 mile run I did, I went out with my best friend! We haven’t run together in a while so it was super nice to get some time to catch up with her. She informed me she is starting marathon training and aiming for the Seattle Rock n’ Roll marathon in June. All my other track girls are doing a marathon in September! All these marathons!!

I would totally LOVE to train for a marathon with my girls, but being a full time employee, student, and wife makes it a little difficult to devote SO much time to running!! I am waiting until I am done with school next December to start any marathon training or serious triathlon training (half my track girls are ironwomen!! I run with a rough crowd!! Lol).

In other news, from all the lunges I did on Tuesday, I spent the majority of the week having trouble sitting and walking, but to reward myself for feeling better today… I did more lunges! Lol

Here is my strength workout for the day

Dynamic Exercises:

  • High knees
  • Quad Stretch
  • T-bends
  • Straight leg kick
  • Straight leg kick with rotation

Lunge Matrix: 5 lunges per side of each exercise-

  • forward lunge
  • forward lunge w/rotation
  • side lunge
  • side lunge with step back
  • reverse lunge

Glutes and Core:

  • Plank Hold – 20 seconds (need to build this up!) x 2
  • Hip Bridge – 15 reps x 2
  • Side Plank Hold – 20 seconds each side x2
  • Side lying hip abduction- 15 reps per side x 2

I also did a little arm work with 10lb dumbbells but nothing tooo crazy!

I had a run on the schedule today but fell asleep on the couch while chilling waiting for my pups to eat dinner and woke up tooo late to run outside or hit the gym. BUT I did order my treadmill yesterday, so there should be no excuses why I can’t run in the future in situations such as these! Coach would be pretty upset if I skipped a run and have a treadmill sitting in my living room!

Tomorrow I am having an indoor ride with my track girls! We are going to be watching the Ironman Kona Documentary…. You know for motivation… Lol – Followed up with post workout smoothies and healthy snacks! Haha!

Also – I figured it was about time to get some of those fitted clothes photos up so I can track my progress. I am a fat runner but I am also severely NOT self-conscience and am perfectly comfortable running around in fitted running gear because around mile 10 you don’t care what you look like anymore you really just care that you are not chaffing!! Because chaffing STINKS! 🙂 So here are some pics for you all! I will be posting these up on my photo timeline too.



I am excited to see what my weigh-in on Sunday has in store for me! I feel like I will see a loss this week but with this weight-loss journey I am really focusing on staying positive whether I see a loss or not.  I am trying as hard as I can and some weeks I’ll see it on the scale, some weeks I won’t.

Well that is the news for the week this far… It is time for some quality puppy time before I hop into bed to get some good sleep before my training ride with the Ironwomen!



About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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5 Responses to The end of a hard workout week!

  1. Kari says:

    You are doing wonderful 🙂 keep up the good work!

  2. bubblymel says:

    You look Great Morgan!!! Cute pups!!

  3. Based on those pictures, I would definitely not call you fat. I get nervous when women call themselves fat when they aren’t. (I also get nervous when people are not at all concerned about their weight when they have real health risks as a result of it). Anyways, props on working hard to develop a healthy lifestyle!

    • Morgan says:

      You are so kind! 🙂 I will admit that I DO carry extra weight well. Before my first weight loss journey I was 300lbs and only a size 18-20. This is because I am pretty tall and broad with a large bone structure 🙂 Now I am at about 220ish and a steady size 16. Considering I am 80lbs lighter, this can show you how I really disperse weight pretty evenly throughout my body.. BUT I really am about 50-60lbs over my ideal weight… at around 170-180lbs I am a steady size 12-14 (50-60lbs lost and only most likely 1 pant size!! lol) and this is as low as I think I can ever physically be and be healthy based on the size of my bone structure!

  4. Having read this I believed it was very enlightening. I appreciate you
    finding the time and effort to put this informative article together.
    I once again find myself spending way too much time both reading and posting comments.
    But so what, it was still worthwhile!

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