Today I got out and did track with the girls and let me tell you I AM EXHAUSTED! I think I am still fighting a cold because my heart rate was basically out of control the whole run and I spent pretty much all my time in zone 4 no matter how slow I ran (zone 4 = high heart rate, like 170-180 for me)

But here is the workout we did — my legs are going to HURT tomorrow after all the lunges!

Lunge Matrix: 5 lunges per side of each exercise-

  • forward lunge
  • forward lunge w/rotation
  • side lunge
  • side lunge with step back – reverse lunge

Dynamic Exercises: 40 yd of each

  • High knees
  • Quad Stretch
  • T-bends
  • Straight leg kick
  • Straight leg kick with rotation

Form Exercises: About 50 yd of each-

  • Fast High Knees
  • Fast Butt Kickers
  • Skipping

4 x 30 steps per side of strides (recover on the corners)

Main Workout: 3 x 800 meters / 1 x 1200 meters (focusing on perfect form)

  • 1st 800m – zone 1 (marathon pace)
  • 2nd 800m – zone 2 (half marathon pace)
  • 3rd 800m – zone 3 (10k pace)
  • 1200m – zone 3-4 (5k pace)

This was a pretty hard workout for my first real day back out there in a month, but I did it and it was FUN 🙂 Even though it was pouring rain…. I was soaked! See…


For lunch today I broke into that HUGE grapefruit I mentioned yesterday — It was OK but not super delicious so I was a little disappointed 😦 But that’s ok, still good for me none the less



Tonight I sent the hubby to the store to pick up some chicken for dinner… he came back with $100 worth of groceries. He likes to grocery shop… but within that $100 of groceries he brought in this…


THE HORROR!!! That is a cheesecake sampler and each and every one looks delicious! I did have one little slice, but I told him that it is up to him to finish this thing off… and of course I made him eat the most tempting slice first, just to get it out of the house!!


For a bit of comedy to end/start your day — I saw the following graphic on and in my case it is TOTALLY true!! Lol! Just one of the many reasons I run.

ImageWell I am going to finish my cup of tea and cuddle up with the doxies before bed! NIGHT!

Have fun but stay focused! 🙂

About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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4 Responses to TRYING HARD Tuesday!

  1. Lamar says:

    This is why I do the shopping! When my wife does the shopping we end up with sweets. I have done all the shopping the past 24 days and no sweets have entered our home! Great job on your exercises!

    • mosherrill says:

      I live with a sweet-a-holic — I am pretty sure his body is custom built to survive on chocolate and frosted cheerios! 🙂 lol BUT I have been trying to do most of the shopping too… that way I get $100 worth of groceries I can actually eat!

      • mymotherlied2me says:

        Great workout! My workout is quite lame compared to yours… I work hard, but I could work harder! Great work!

  2. mosherrill says:

    Your workouts are just great! 🙂 — Just do what works for you!!!

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