FULL speed ahead!

So let’s recap how I did with sticking to last week’s plan….

Monday – Rest – Done! (Lol)
Tuesday – Run track 4 miles – Yoga – No running but yoga DONE
Wednesday – Yoga – Lift – DONE!
Thursday – Run easy 3 miles – No running, but did yoga
Friday – Run easy 3 miles – Lift – Nothing here, took the night off!
Saturday – Yoga – Instead I ran, only a little over a mile but my first run in a while.
Sunday – Run 5 miles (probably on a trail if the weather stays dry) – Didn’t make it 5, of course!!, but made it 3

AND here is THIS week’s plan!! This week my plan is pretty much created by Coach so the time for lounging about is over…

Monday – 30min bike – 30min lift (glutes and core)
Tuesday – Track 3.75 miles with form work – Yoga
Wednesday – Yoga
Thursday – Run 3 miles easy
Friday – Run 2.5 miles HILLS! – 30min lift (glutes and core) – Yoga – Foam Roll
Saturday – 1 hour bike
Sunday – LONG RUN 4 miles (haha! I love taking a break from distance) – Yoga – Foam Roll!


Today I did do the biking on the schedule and man are my legs out of bike shape!! They were BURNING! I am hoping they bounce back quick. Although I was using my trainer which may be using some different muscles then when on the road. I also DID do my strength exercises.

Observation of the day: It is very hard to do plank with doxies licking your face. It really forces you to focus and ignore your surroundings though.


FOOD was good today ate mostly fruits and veggies with some chicken and rice for dinner.

Tomorrow I am going to try to make some blue mashed potatoes… Anyone have blue potatoes before??? They looked weird… so I wanted them!!

I also have a grapefruit that is the size of my head to dig into tomorrow. I’ll take a pic before I peal it… seriously though… it is HUGE!! 🙂

Not too much to write today but let me leave with you the most exciting news of the year so far….

THE HUBBY FINALLY AGREED TO LET ME GET A TREADMILL!!!! Woot!! 🙂 And I believe his exact words were “Just get whichever one you want.” O.O ….. OK!! I am excited to order this up, probably tomorrow! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am excited to have the option to run in front of the TV rather than in the rain (which I don’t mind too much, but sometimes it is nice to have the option not to!)


About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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  1. You are such good motivation!

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