And the battle continues…

So the last few days have been a little challenging. I have got my yoga and lifting in but not really my cardio. I am still just struggling with congestion and energy loss from this cold that is just hanging on for dear life!! I did set up a running date with my father-in-law for tomorrow night, so I will get out and run tomorrow, which will be good for my soul, even if I am still sick.

I also plan on setting up the indoor bike trainer tomorrow night. I almost how a space cleared out for it and since it is winter I am going to set it up and have it stay for easy riding. Run outside in the elements may be a little scary for me with a lingering cold (here in Seattle is has been really cold for us and now it is raining, no real nice days) – but indoor riding is not so scary and it will get some cardio for my heart and lungs and keep my legs strong. 

I am excited for biking in the coming months. My coach is hosting Saturday movie rides in her living room in February. This will be another day where I can get together with the girls and enjoy a nice workout. I also am blessed with a wonderful husband who happens to be a welder….. I asked him to rig something up so I can attach or place it on my bike so I can do my HOURS of reading for school while I am on the ride. Running and reading is challenging but biking and reading may be doable. I am kind of excited to hopefully be able to knock out two things at once…. Hopefully making my reading a little more exciting.

For food I have been doing pretty dang good. I have creating different salad mixtures in the morning and eating my salad throughout the day. It usually consists of weed lettuce, broccoli, snap peas, nut mixture, grapefruit, oranges, chicken, 3 cheese mix (blue, feta, cheddar), and balsamic. Gets a good flavor going. Next week I am going to make them taco salad style with things like salsa and avocado. I like salad it is kind of like a blank slate and you can really mix up what you add and create completely different delicious flavors.

Today I was a little naughty and decided to part with the salad for lunch and make a sandwich. Right next to my store is a GREAT bread store. I try to stay away as much as possible but today it was calling. I picked up a loaf of bread called the “Dakota” – This bread is HARDY, I felt like I was taking a 10lb weight with me back to the store. It had almost every kind of seed you can think of it in and after my sandwich, although I didn’t feel overfull I certainly did not feel like touching food for the rest of the day. I had my sandwich as 11am this morning and have not touched more than a couple little snacks and tea since. All that fiber is just taking forever to digest!!

OK I’m going to head to bed…. But overall I think this week is going well… I promise once I am feeling well I will have some more exciting fitness stuff to share. I really do promise I am more active then what I appear so far!! One thing I did notice is that although I have not been exercising much, I have not gained a lb… this really tells me how important eating is in weight maintenance.

Hope everyone is having a great week and can be more active then I can! 

About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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2 Responses to And the battle continues…

  1. Great post! Hope you feel better soon.
    (*whiskey treats* – daily food photo-diary and musings about weight loss, wellbeing and change)

  2. Lamar says:

    Feel better soon!

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