Say it, Do it!

MONDAY is here again! But you know what? It wasn’t that bad. I slept in a little late and finally feel like I am over this head cold. I did not do any working out today but I am excited to get back in the saddle tomorrow and hang out at the track with my girls!


I did pretty good! With this weight loss plan in the beginning I am not counting calories. I am just choosing to start by making better choices and see where that leads me. WHY? Because I want this to be simple and painless! Honestly, most of us know how to get healthy and eat right; it is just the constant choices day to day that hold us back. Should I have the french fries or the broccoli? Well french fries TASTE better but my plan is to choose the broccoli 99% but allow myself the french fries 1% of the time. Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean you should NEVER eat something that you want – BECAUSE at least with me THAT WILL LEAD TO FAILURE! For me, it is about choosing to only let myself indulge a very limited amount of the time and eat what I should be eating the majority of the time.

In addition, I am choosing to not eat when I am not hungry. I am also choosing to stop eating when I have had enough. For starters, this isn’t my first weight loss journey (I’m sure I will fill you in on this at some point) – and the first hard step in losing weight is realizing that you do not need as much food as you think you do. You need to train your brain and body to accept the right amount of food and limit calorie consumption by simply not overeating. I am going to give the power of “sigh” a try for a couple weeks and see where that takes me!! Worked like a champ today. When I was eating, the moment I sighed, I stopped. You know what? I felt satisfied but not stuffed the whole day. We will see where that takes me!

For BREAKFAST I had a skinny vanilla latte and some granola crunch. Because I am a coffee addict… I live in Seattle, what do you expect? I gave up cigarettes years ago… but coffee… is my best friend for life! 🙂


For LUNCH I made myself a salad…. Since I have some veggies I needed to use up… Spring mix (weed) lettuce, chicken breast, blue cheese and feta crumbles (I love cheese), broccoli, snap peas, some croutons, and balsamic.


For DINNER I HAD a late night and stopped in to get a chicken soft taco. No pic there – it was late and I was hungry!

Throughout the day I snacked on some broccoli, snap peas, and shredded wheat. I also consumed my 8 glasses of water and about 64oz of decaf green tea. I use no sweetener in my tea and do drink lots of it, since I limit the amount of coffee I drink :(.

The plan for tomorrow? Add fruit. Here is the deal… I don’t like fruit very much. I am more a savory girl and not really into sweet. But… fruit is good for me and I should eat it… maybe not as much as I eat veggies… but incorporating it in here and there probably wouldn’t kill me.


Sara over at has been doing “Say it, Do it!” Mondays and I actually really like this idea…. So I am going to copy (hope you don’t mine)! She lays out all of last week’s workouts and tells you what she accomplished from the plan and then gives a preview of the coming week’s plan. This is GREAT and I hope it will help with accountability.

One thing you all don’t know about me yet is my workout schedule for the week is easy. Why? Because I have a coach! She plans all of my workouts every week and it is just my responsibility to DO them. This girl is amazing, motivating, and really knows her stuff! She got me to my first half marathon injury free and ALMOST to my second. (I hurt my foot on my last prerace long run, ack! But totally my fault for getting a lazy foot strike towards the end) – in any case…

For this week since, I have been sick and injured, my plan has been to just get back to 100%. I told Coach to not actually write a plan for me this week because I am still getting there, but I am going to start getting back into the groove – just a little slow this week since I have been down for nearly a month.

LAST WEEK – I did nothing, I was sick. I sat on the couch and watched people trying to climb Everest on Netflix. But I thought about running… A LOT… but alas could hardly walk to the bathroom without getting woozy and having to sit.


Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Run track 4 miles – Yoga

Wednesday – Yoga – Lift

Tuesday – Run easy 3 miles

Friday – Run easy 3 miles – Lift

Saturday – Yoga

Sunday – Run 5 miles (probably on a trail if the weather stays dry)

We will see how this all plays out. This is plan is a pretty light week for me on the running side, but can’t expect to be back to normal right out of the gate!

Some other random thoughts…

TODAYS OUTFIT – because I like this sweater and want to share! Don’t mind the facial expressions… lol


Also some inspiration to help getting back in the saddle tomorrow….


Now since Emma is settling in for the night with her penguin pillow… I think I will too. Time to cuddle up with the doxies and catch some ZzZzZzzzzs — Tomorrow I get back in the game

ImageNight everyone! Stay strong and try hard!


About Morgan

I am a runner who is working to change all the aspects of my life to get fit and stay healthy.
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4 Responses to Say it, Do it!

  1. loseitbig says:

    I hope you feel 100% better. You have a great plan. I like finding workouts to try to…I am going to watch what Say it, Do it has. Thanks

  2. Everything sounds good Morgan! Just stick with your plan and allow yourself a “vacation” now and then so it doesn’t seem like such a grind. I weighed in around 225-230 back in May of 2009 and now I’m down to 165-167 (although I’m in the process of losing that dreaded “Holiday weight”). Two things to remember about eating habits is (1) It’s ok to walk away from the table a little hungry, and (2) Whitespace is a good thing in advertising – it’s also a good thing on your plate! Portion control – you don’t have to heap so much food on your plate you can’t see the plate anymore. You’ll also discover you have more successful weeks the more you prepare your own food and eat less at restaurants (especially fast food joints). Keep up the great work!

  3. bubblymel says:

    Great workouts!! Love the salad!!

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