Eating better and workouts ARE happening

Hello all you awesome people!

A lot has been happening over the last several days. For one, I started my 21 day fix program.

I did ok for the first couple days and have got my workouts in. Not going to lie, I’m quite sore today.

But let me briefly talk about the meal plan. You get some containers each are for a different food group (veggies, fruit, protein, carb, fat, seed) and you get a container allowance each days (highest being veggie) and if your food fits into the container you can eat it! Here is what my first week of grocery shopping looked like…


LOTS of produce!! Turns out we blew through this in about 2 days O.o

Overall, the plan sounds simple, right? In theory it is. Also, if I had more knowledge of food and cooking it may be easier. Instead, I have found myself eating a bunch of food that is flat out unsatisfying. I’ve been experimenting and all those experiments have failed miserably. To be quite honest, if someone showed up with a salt lick at about 3pm, I would pounce on them!

A lunch for one day… chicken, brown rice, carrots, zucchini, spinach, basil, oregano, and some chicken stock. Turns out this food was SUPER bland – had to add peppers and hot sauce to it! Lol


Does that mean I’m going to give up? Yes and no. There were a couple things I was looking to get out of this program. (1) up the veggie intake (2) try to eat cleaner (3) incorporate more nutrient rich foods in my diet.

All of these things are being accomplished – but, am I going to go crazy for the full 3 weeks watching everything I use to make food actually have flavor, probably not. Am I going to let myself be hungry during the day for the sake of my “diet”? Probably not!

I am looking for lifestyle change! I am looking for a complete revamp of my food that I can maintain over the long haul. If I struggle on day 2 with what I am doing.. I’m likely to modify.

In the busy world I live in, dragging all day because I’m restricting xyz is just not practical.

So new plan for 21 day fix – stick to the food plan as much as I can, but accept that I may need to modify and not let it get me down.

In the end, performance is key! Eating in such a way that my body performs for me is very important to me. I need all the energy I can get!

With that being said – I would not discourage anyone who wants to try it! It is worth a shot. It works wonders for many many people! It just requires too much mental bandwidth that I may not be able to work with right now! I totally am going to continue to work towards being able to follow a eating style that is similar, but changing too quickly was just not important or practical for me!

Would I still buy this program again? Absolutely! The meal plan is just one part. The shakeology I really am beginning to believe in. I’ve always been hit or miss on taking multivitamins or supplementing in anyway. The shakeology is packed with nutrients, it is pretty delicious, and I really do enjoy it. I’ll likely continue to use it.

Beyond nutrition, I do like the workout A LOT. I find it motivating, the modifications are good, and I can do it in my living room! I’ve been staying on track with it and do expect to see some results – at the very least my body with be stronger by the end of this! Post workout face… 😉 I worked hard and am wiped out!! Feels good!


Aside from this – I have been experimenting in the kitchen! Some days are hits and some are misses, but i am compiling a pretty good stock pile of family approved recipes. The one for this week is a hearty tomato soup!


This was something of my own creation

1 lb of ground beef
1/2 zucchini, chopped
1 handful of asparagus, chopped
1/4 of onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1 package of fresh tortellini (from refrigerator section)
1 can of family sized tomato soup
1/2 family sized tomato soup can filled with milk
2 teaspoon dried basil

– Boil tortellini in a large pot – as pasta is boiling work on preparing the beef
– Brown onion, garlic, and beef in large skillet until beef is almost done, towards the end add the asparagus and zucchini and saute for a few minutes
– Drain the tender pasta and put back into large pot – add the tomato soup, milk, and basil to the pot – stir
– Drain out excess liquid from the ground beef skillet – once drained add the veggie and meet mixture to the pot with the cooking soup.
– Mix altogether and bring to a boil. Once boiling let cook for just a minute or two longer and then remove from heat.

Serve and enjoy!! 🙂 This was a pretty hearty tomato soup! At the end, it is kind of like just a hearty pasta dish with a little bit extra liquid. The liquid portion of this was not significant. NOW you could correct that and add a full can of milk to the mixture – I was going for something a little less “soupy” since soup is hard to feed my baby!

This made a lot of soup! Probably about 6 servings. I fed my parents, my hubby, my baby, and myself – we finished it off!

This is certainly one for the keeper box! I’ve been working to gather dinners that are quick, simple, relatively healthy, and that my family will eat! 🙂 The hubby woofed this!!

Well all is all I have for you today! Baby and I plan to get out and enjoy the trails this weekend – I have been neglecting to get out with him too much because it has been pretty rainy this month. But the weather seems to be turning more towards the beautiful so we will get out early and put some miles on our hiking pack 🙂


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One Skillet Spanish Rice


Sometimes I feel this way when I get home from work! HA! But, I have been trying to create quality meals almost every night. For my meal plan this week starting from last Sunday, I have followed it 4 out of the 5 days. On the day I missed, I used my back-up Stouffers dinner (since sometimes you just don’t want to!!) But even on that day, I felt a little bad about feeding it to my family. This new lifestyle is improving/ruining me.

But – I will say, my hubby told me he has been eating like a king lately. Made me feel pretty good about my new found need for home cooked meals.

I have been into one skillet meals – They are quick and easy to clean up! Those are two thing I really like. Last night I made one skillet Spanish rice. I took a Spanish rice with tomato sauce recipe that I found here but added stuff to it.


  • 2 cups rice
  • 2.5 cups chicken broth
  • 1.5 cup tomato sauce
  • .5 cup water
  • 3 minced garlic cloves
  • 14cup chopped onion
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 1 lb ground beef (I get the leanest I can find)
  • A bunch of chopped asparagus, I added about 2 cups
  • Sprinkle of shredded cheese (if you like)


  • In a skillet (I use an electric one) sauté onions, garlic, and oil in pan
  • Add hamburger to brown – once browned, remove excess grease
  • Add rice to brown a bit
  • Add chicken (or veggie) broth, tomato sauce, and asparagus
  • Bring to a boil
  • Reduce heat to low/medium and cover
  • Cook about 20-25 minutes until rice is soft
  • Fluff with fork
  • Put on plate and add some cheese to the top if you wish!

SO this turned out pretty good. I made some modifications to the recipe above that I didn’t do when I cooked it myself. For one, I didn’t have the .5 cup water and I probably could have used the extra liquid, you could probably sub that with more chicken broth if you like. Also I cooked for exactly 20 minutes and I probably could have used the more liquid PLUS an extra 5 minutes or so. The rice was mostly done, but I could have just used a little more time to get perfect!!

Alas, I forgot to take a pic, which I’ll get better about – BUT my hubby loved it. Now personally, I could have used some other spices maybe some chili powder to give it just a little bit extra flavor. But baby and hubby loved it and I am just being critical of myself – so overall it was a success!

Tonight I’ll be working on my meal plan for next week – which will need to be 21 day fix approved! So stay tuned for what that will look like. I’m a little excited to be eating better and cooking food at home. PLUS it has been paying off on the scale too. I am now day to 213.6 and have been going between this and 215 for the last few days. This could be because of the Shakeology too, but I think really focusing on the eating has me feeling better emotionally and physically. I feel good about the food I’m feeding the fam and my body is responding well to the changes. I have WAY more energy these days and have been sleeping like a baby at night.

That is it for today all!! Hope you have a great day and stay on track with your goals.


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Happy Thursday!


I am feeling pretty excited this week. Maybe a little bright eyed and bushy tailed!


I’ve been trying a few new things which have me feeling pretty good.

  • Lemon water with commute
  • Drinking daily Shakeology

Lemon Water

My Coach posted an article about the benefits of drinking lemon water. You can click through HERE to see what I am talking about. I decided to try it first thing in the AM every day. I have been prepping it the night before and I’ll admit I drink it cold.

First day, I emptied half a lemon of juice into my water bottle. The next day I took a big swig first thing in the morning. OOOPS! TOO MUCH LEMON!! That woke me up really quickly! I drank it all, but had *sour face* for a good long time.

Second day, I emptied a quarter of a lemon into the water. This is perfect!! I have been on it for two days at this amount of lemon and it is actually delicious. It really does help to have it first thing in the morning – it has been helping me to wake up. I feel refreshed and *awake* even before I get my coffee.



In anticipation of the 21 day fix program I’ll be starting next week, I decided to just start drinking Shakeology right away. Here are some observations I have about it…

  • Greenberry flavor is DELICIOUS
  • I enjoy drinking it – even without ice – barely any grit! So it mixes well
  • I feel energized and clear minded
  • Junk food cravings seem to be better

Now I’m not sure if all these benefits are due to the Shakeology completely – but I have been FEELING better. Could be the lemon water, could be the Shakeo, could be placebo effect – I don’t know! But at the end of the night, I still feel like I have gas in the tank, like I could give more.

This has me a little hopeful for getting my workouts in starting next week.


Still bumming around. Although, I did do a gravity (total gym) workout at the gym yesterday. I am soreeee today! It was a new program this week and boy did the trainer get my muscles working!

But even after that, I still felt pumped and ready to go! I’m excited to get back into organized exercise everyday starting next week. I told the hubby that I am going to be taking over the TV every day at 9pm to do my at home workout vids. The program is really cool with a different video for each day of the week. I think it may do wonders for keeping me engaged and not getting bored!

That’s all folks!

I think that is about all I have for you today. I’ll be playing with my meal plan for next week tomorrow night – I’ll see what I come up with that is 21 day fix approved!

Take care –


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Hello Old Friends!


Long time no talk! The last year of new parenthood has been quite the rollercoaster ride. Figuring out how to live, function, etc with this new little family member was much more of a lifestyle change than I anticipated going in. Although, we are buddies and I *LOVE* being a parent. Life is full of new little adventures!


My fitness goals have been severely lacking this past year because of this. One of the main reasons is the simple fact that I work full time – every precious second I have not working, I like to spend with my son. On top of that, who would have thought that one tiny human could add on SOOOO much housework!

But that is neither here nor there! I need to get back into my groove and find something that works.


On the eating front, we have been doing quite well. It is much more necessary to eat quality foods when you are feeding your baby. We have been eating at home mostly and I try to provide as complete of dinners as I can with the time/resources I have – and I am continuously trying to expand my culinary skills! Lol which they stem from pathetic, so the only way to go is up! I’ve been coming up with a meal plan weekly and compiling my shopping list. This is NEW to me. But so far, we are on week two and doing pretty good! Here is our dinner plan for the week….

Dinner – Skillet Lasagna –

Dinner – Lil Smoky Pizza Pockets – HOMEMADE DOUGH! Woohoo!

Dinner – Fried Rice –

Dinner – Hamburger, rice, tomato sauce

Dinner – Mac and Cheese, veggies

Dinner – tuna sandwiches, veggies

Dinner – Mashed Potatoes and Cube Stake, asparagus

That is the plan! Let’s see how it goes J I’ve been doing pretty well so far! I’ve also been packing lunch for the hubby and me every day. The goals being to eat BETTER and save MONEY!


I’ll admit, I’ve been lacking on the exercise front. I’ve been strength training once a week and taking trail walks with baby on the weekends. I’ve recently decided that distance running and triathlons may need to be put on hold for the immediate future. I’ve spent half a year pretending that is what I am going to do and then never convincing myself to get the workout in.

I’ve decided to switch directions and try the work of at home workout tapes. I just purchased the 21 day fix program from Beach Body and am looking forward to trying out the tapes and seeing if it helps me get in shape. The 30 minute a day home workout systems less intimidating than trying to make it to the gym most days during the week.

Aside from any organized programs though, having an extremely active one year old has proved to be quite the workout in and of itself!


Well these days I am weighing in at 215.6 lbs (as of this morning) if you followed me before – you will see that this is the lowest weight I have been at since starting this blog!! Forced better eating + running after a baby + LOTS of housework = one of the better weight loss programs. Lol!

Just a little preview of the changes my body has seen in the last year!! Can you image last March I had a baby! (Left, 39 weeks pregnant / Right, 1 year postpartum)


I look forward to continuing to work on this and I’ll be posting some updates with regards to my 21 day fix! If I can lose about 7 more pounds, I will be at my PRE-MARRIAGE weight!! (Pre-baby weight has long since been crushed!)

It’s good to be back and now since I have this parenting thing more under wraps and some interesting fitness/eating goals in mind for the future – I’m hoping to stay a little more up-to-date! I love sharing in this journey with you!


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New Plan and Ziplining!

Hi All!

Sorry for the semi-down post last time and nothing to follow it up with in a hurry!

The decision to not train for a half-marathon in November is still in play. I switched my goal half marathon to a Saint Patty’s day run in March. That would put me at about 1 year postpartum.

I am feeling much better about this decision. For one, I’ll be able to really build my base back up. I was training for this half in November without working on my solid running base first. This can still work out OK, but in the spirit of enjoying myself and injury prevention – it was probably not the wisest plan.

The original idea for the November race was pretty aggressive on the training front. Probably too aggressive for a postpartum body with an infant at home. I am feeling really good about my decision to move it out a few months. Key being: NOT give-up, just postpone!

On another note, it was probably good because my baby carrying hip has been acting up a bit. I ended up taking this whole week off from running in general to get it back up to 100%. It has been bothering me a bit for a while, but I had kept re-tweaking it because of my training plan. Now I am letting it rest, so I can start fresh! I have been walking instead – I have also been focusing on my strength training. Trying to do work to bring my core and hips back into fighting condition.

I took some new photo timeline pics — I have not lost any weight really but I have been focusing on my strength training, trying to loose some inches. One of the hardest parts about my “new” after baby body – was not fitting into my clothes because I wasn’t as fit as I was before, aside from weight. I think my tummy may be looking smaller though — or it could be the outfit. (For a comparison, click over to photo timeline in my top menu) — Forgive the dirty mirrors, apparently I need to give them a quick scrubbing!

20141004_161434  20141004_161354

On the FUN in life front –

The hubby and I had the opportunity to go ziplining this week! It was a pretty relaxing trip and we enjoyed ourselves a lot!


I’ll tell you what – it was really nice to get to spend the day with my hubby without baby hulk. As new parents, sometimes the day to day operations of life can get a little overwhelming. You spend most of your time just trying to keep your head above water and the ship from sinking.

Taking the day to have fun and “check-in” with our relationship, was like a breath of fresh air. We both seem to be doing OK with the transition into parenthood and really do have an amazing baby – BUT it reminded me of the importance of staying involved in our relationship as a married couple too!

We spent the day doing our ziplining and exploring a bit of Camano Island – which I haven’t been to in a long while.


I think that is all the excitement for one week! We are planning on moving in about a month. I am SUPER excited for that to happen! Once it does, expect WAY more fun things on here. Currently, we don’t really have a kitchen, so my ability to cook actual real food is limited – once we move I am going to start exploring healthy recipes again! I have been saving up a bunch to try and am super excited to be able to eat home cooked meals again!

In the meantime – I’ll just be running! 5k race in the morning – But I’ll be taking it easy!

See you next time and KEEP WORKING AT IT! 🙂


Photo credit: Future Ironman

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The epic fail of a long run

So I decided a few months back that I wanted to train for the Seattle Half Marathon in November. When you have been pregnant for 9 months, birth a child, have a newborn, go back to work right away… etc.. you start thinking you can do anything!!

So this started out as a great idea! Triathlon and half marathon all before 9 months postpartum! 

But I think I am starting to rethink that decision.

There are a couple factors at play… I think I underestimated the challenges of training and having a baby. I am a firm believer in keeping your hobbies when you have a kid, if you can. My husband supports me and in turn I support him. The logistics of sticking to a training plan, having a baby that needs watching, and accommodating my husband have proved to be quite complex.

Take this weekend’s long run…

I had a 5 mile run to do this weekend. It was about 90 degrees out on Sunday. I had a couple decisions to make… my hubby stays out late on Saturdays so waking up to run a quick 5 mile before it gets hot would include running it with the baby OR I could go in the afternoon sun OR my flat 5 mile could be hilly and I could have done it after dark.

So a simple flat 5 mile run now includes at least one component of “harder” – I chose the heat of the afternoon (which is probably where it went wrong. I need to remember to never underestimate the power of heat while running!)

It wasn’t too bad, I was on a shaded trail and there was a slight breeze. I wasn’t miserable.

Until I gave myself permission to walk. Do you ever have those runs where you are doing ok but you feel that overpowering urge to just walk a little? Seems like a good idea? Until you can’t get started again.

That was this run!  I walked at the halfway point of 2.5 miles and then it all fell apart… I was too hot, my legs were tight, my stomach hurt… I basically lost it mentially.

Now I did finish 5 miles even though it was a walk, jog, limp, run, repeat.. but it wasn’t fun.

I am kind of thinking if I struggled this much with a 5 mile run… uh.. how much am I going to struggle with a 10 mile run 5 weeks from now?

I’m think I am going to put off the half marathon until January. That would give me a couple months to work on getting a better base built. We will be solidly into fall and winter (my favorite running seasons). We will get our move out of the way and hopefully I can work on nutrition a bit more.

The other portion I struggle with is the difference between what I COULD do and what I CAN do. Just because I could run 1:50 second laps at the track or under 10 minute mile pace pre pregnancy doesn’t mean I can do it now.

This thinking leaves me a little disoriented and discouraged. I think working to build my solid fitness base will improve my overall perception of performance.

Sorry all, not one of my more positive posts, but sometimes you need to see it written out. If your current plan is looking like it might not work out… regroup and come up with a different one!

Endurance sports are fun and let’s face it, there is a little bit of pain in that pleasure… I try to work by the 80/20 rule. 80% of my workouts need to be acceptable or enjoyble. If I am struggling more than 20% of the time, the bite I’m chewing may be tooo big!


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Got a new Vivofit…

I got a new Vivofit… and I think it might be ruining (?) my life!

I now live my life in steps! And I have a nifty little red arrow that yells at me if I sit for too long.

For real though, it is pretty cool! It has so far encouraged me to move more, I am participating in the “step challenges” on Garmin connect — and I can see how much little hulk disrupts my sleep every night! 🙂

If you have Garmin Connect, connect with me! Username: moshrr

In other news, I have some awesome action shots from the Lake Stevens Triathlon earlier this month

10665931_10204729978357580_3249699240314898650_n 10653856_10204729977477558_8832058926619168644_n 10592832_10204729976917544_4803752068616280450_n

This is just a quick post all! – I’ll fill you in on more later — HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!!


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Why group fitness is GREAT

Sometimes I am amazed at how awesome groups fitness is. I will tell you, internal dedication and motivation are key to success. You have to want to be out there living a healthy lifestyle. 

BUT there will be days that you just don’t want to! It is substantial easier to stay on task with outside accountability.

When I started to evolve my lifestyle to incorporate running, I hated it! Like REALLY hated it. But I committed myself to running a 5k and that was what I was going to do! I mean really how much of your time does a c25k program take?

Once I finished that 5k, although I had the race high, I immediately reverted back to my old non-runner way of life. My father-in-law was so excited to maybe have someone to run with that be kept asking me to go out with him on the trail.

I finally gave in. This is a man that does sooooooooo much for me! My husband’s family is a constant stream of solid support and love. I decided to make him happy and join him running again. Outside accountability caused me to re-lace up my running shoes.

Over the next several months he started hounding me about going up to the track and trying to befriend a group that runs up there every Tuesday. I am an introvert by nature and not one to go out of my way to awkwardly meet new people. But finally he beat me down and I started to try.

I didn’t know it then, but ultimately this group became an important missing component in my life.

I went from having a couple close friends to having bunches of them! All athletes. All utterly amazing. All incredibly supportive and inspiring.

All it took was one run and then there I was… The girl that grudgingly became a runner… out there every Tuesday (no matter what!)

That was 3 years ago! Now these girls represent a critical part of my life. Always encouraging me every year to push myself harder and further than the year before.

In the past 3 years, due to their encouragement here are some of the things I have had the opportunity to experiance:

– completed a half marathon
– found my forever coach
– started TRX
– learned to swim
– raced triathlon
– cheered them on finishing half ironman, marathons, and full ironman
– kept fit during pregnancy

Etc etc… I’ll tell you what… without them I would never have kept going!

If you are a solo runner,  I completely understand! There is a beauty to the quiet peace of doing things on your own. But, sometimes having someone to hold you accountable adds to the many benefits of being an endurance athlete!

Sometimes it amazes me to think about how much different my life was 3 years ago… but I know enough to say THIS life is it for me. I’m hooked and will run as long as my legs will let me.

Night all! Stay encouraged out there.


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Everyone starts at the beginning…


If you are thinking about doing something new.. whether it be a couch to 5k program, transitioning to triathlons, or some other crazy adventure in you life. Do not be intimidated!  Even if everyone around you seems to have it together, everyone had to start from the beginning!

Have fun out there!

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SUP and First Tri Post Pregnancy

The last few weeks have been crazy busy with work, kiddo, training, life… but extremely fun and totally worth the effort!

First up – I went Stand-up Paddle Boarding for the first time. Out of the group of 6 that went, I was one of the only two that didn’t fall in. Go me! Mostly because my tactic was not to move to much… lol – my feet hurt a lot by the end, but overall, I’m addicted!


Yesterday was my triathlon. I was planning on doing a super sprint (.25 mile swim, 9 mile bike, and 1.5 mile run) and the week before I had all but decided to not do it. I hadn’t been training well enough and wasn’t confident about it.

Upon chatting with some friends, they told me they were doing a different tri. It was also a shortened sprint (.25 mile swim, 9.8 mile bike, 3.1 mile run)

I went from.. “no way am I ready for a tri” to “yeah! I am totally down for the longer more challenging course!” *facepalm*

Let me tell you, this was the hardest tri I have done yet. The bike course was hilly and so was the run. But I survived. End of the pack? Sure! But finished it and didn’t hurt myself


 Swim – my arms ached so bad from my strength training on Thursday.  It literally hurt to rotate them… This was miserable! Luckily it is the shortest leg and I finished in around a pathetic 17 minutes. 

Bike – the bike was the hilliest ride i had done this year and what I was most afraid of. It ended up being ok and the most enjoyable leg. I finished in around 45 minutes and made it up some pretty challenging hills for my poor untrained quads. But I survived and it was beautiful.

Run – ok this run stunk!  I didn’t even think about the run course before I decided to do this… but maybe I should have.  By the time I hit the run it was hot. There was no shade. It was hillyyyy. So it was me, the pavement, hills, and the blazing sun. I finished in about 40 minutes which I deem a great accomplishment.


 Overall I finished in about 1 hour and 48 minutes. I got under 2 hours which is what I was hoping for. I competed in Athena and was solidly middle of the pack for that group. Next year I’ll stand a good chance of stomping those girls if I do this race again. Which I would certainly consider!

On the weight loss front, I shot back up to 230, but am confident I’ll be around 227 again tomorrow morning. Also I fit back into my favorite pre pregnancy jeans last week. Just goes to show you, weight isn’t as important as muscle tone.

Well all, that is all I have for you today! Keep trying and stay focused on your goals!


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